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The YinOva Center of New York City is one of the largest acupuncture clinics in the country, with 12 full-time acupuncturists. All of our acupuncturists are licensed and board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine. They specialize in several areas, including acupuncture for fertility, pain, pediatrics, acupuncture for men’s health, and much more.

Our team is made up of some of the most talented acupuncturists in New York. All of our practitioners are Senior Practitioners, which means that they have been trained in The YinOva Method and have more than 5 years of clinical experience. For more information, please visit our pricing page.

For more information on booking your acupuncture appointment at the YinOva Center, click here.

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  • Dara Barr, LAc, MS

    Dara Barr, Senior Acupuncturist

    I love that Chinese medicine can fill in the blanks of Western medicine. Often patients come to me having tried “everything”. Finally, they get results with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and then think to use it first for future health concerns. Making a difference for someone who has been struggling to find relief is extremely rewarding.

    acupuncturist, dara barr
    Dara Barr

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  • Jill Blakeway, DACM, LAc, MS

    Jill Blakeway, Senior Acupuncturist

    For as long as I can remember I have felt called to heal people in a hands-on way. I am grateful to the thousands of patients who have trusted me with their health care over the past 15 years. It continues to be a privilege to serve in this way.

    acupuncturist jill blakeway
    Jill Blakeway

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  • Klara Brown, LAc, MS

    Klara Brown, Senior Acupuncturist

    There is an art to the way we practice, and that’s one of the things I love about Chinese Medicine, whether its in the touch of the practitioner or how we apply these timeless philosophies to nourish life and preserve health. At the YinOva Center we share a common goal and we work hard to help you find a place of balance and vibrancy.

    acupuncturist klara kadar
    Klara Brown

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  • Anne Brunn, LAc, MS

    Anne Brunn, Senior Acupuncturist

    One of the facets of Chinese medicine that most resonates with me is that it regards the body as its own best healer. I see myself as both a partner and a guide, helping my patients tap into the healing wisdom that’s inside each of us.

    nyc acupuncturist, anne brunn
    Anne Brunn

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  • Laurel Axen Carroll, LAc, MS

    Laurel Axen Carroll, Senior Acupuncturist

    What I love most about my job is that I’m able to listen deeply to my patient’s physical, mental and spiritual needs, and together we come up with practical solutions.

    acupuncturist, laurel axen caroll
    Laurel Axen Carroll

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  • Lauren Dulberg, DACM, LAc, MS,

    Lauren Dulberg, Senior Acupuncturist

    “I come from a place where I strongly believe that one’s healing needs to be through deep nourishment of the spirit and by alleviating not only the suffering of the body but also the heart. I take a very gentle approach and have a high respect towards the relationship between the patient and the practitioner and how when there is full trust, understanding and communication, true healing can take place.”

    Katherine Hogan HeadshotLauren Dulberg

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  • Katherine Hogan, LAc, MS

    Katherine Hogan, Senior Acupuncturist

    One concept that informs my practice of Chinese medicine is that of empowerment. One of my jobs as an acupuncturist is to encourage and assist my patients to be fully participant in their health and well being, which I love.

    Katherine Hogan HeadshotKatherine Hogan

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  • Lea Gance, LAc, MS

    Lea Gance, Senior Acupuncturist

    I love Traditional Chinese medicine because it allows me to help my patients correct the true causes behind their ailments instead of simply relieving symptoms. Through individualized treatment plans, I’m able to heal in what I feel is in the most effective and least invasive way possible.

    acupuncturist, lea gance

    Lea Gance

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  • Kymberly Kelly, LAc, MS

    Kymberly Kelly, Senior Acupuncturist

    I’m attracted to Chinese medicine for its attention to the details of the individual. It is nuanced and precise. It is problem solving in its most creative form – a challenging and very satisfying way to spend each day.

    acupuncturist kymberly kelly
    Kymberly Kelly

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  • Noah Rubinstein, DACM, LAc, MS

    Noah Rubinstein, Senior Acupuncturist

    The Chinese pictogram Ren combines the character for a person with the number 2, representing two people working towards a common goal of health. What can be more life affirming than the opportunity to work with another person in a hands on way as they heal? I consider it a privilege and I love what I do.

    acupuncturist noah rubinstein, nyc
    Noah Rubinstein

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  • Laura Scheurer, LAc, MS, RN, LMT

    Laura Scheurer, Senior Acupuncturist

    My entire working life has been in healthcare, but it wasn’t until I studied Chinese medicine that I became an agent for healing. The practice of Chinese medicine recognizes a holistic triangle comprised of mind, body and spirit.

    acupuncturist, laura scheurer
    Laura Scheurer

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  • Amanda Silver, LAc, MS

    Amanda Silver, Senior Acupuncturist

    Although I love treating a wide variety of patients, there is no greater honor than to partner with my patients to fulfill their dream of pregnancy and having a baby. Chinese medicine provides me with the tools to help me guide them through this journey and beyond.

    acupuncturist amanda silver
    Amanda Silver

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