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The Yinova Method

Our team of experts are here to provide tailored fertility support with meaningful results. Rooted in East Asian medicine, we put integrative care within your reach, giving you the power to take your health in hand. Whether you see us virtually or in-clinic, we are partners throughout your journey.

We treat your Body &
Mind Holistically

A completely holistic system, East Asian medicine is able to address the complex interaction between body chemistry & emotions very effectively.

Our Approach is Safe &
Clinically Effective

Our team of fertility experts & board-certified herbalists are qualified to blend herbs & craft treatment plans that address your symptoms & treat your whole body.

We Gently Prompt Your
Body to Heal

We help prompt your body’s innate self-healing abilities through herbal medicine, dietary advice, lifestyle suggestions, & more.

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Virtual Fertility Services

From our support group to ongoing coaching, our virtual fertility services offer you added support on-the-go, wherever you are.

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Fertility Quiz

Take our Fertility Type Quiz to find your Fertility Type, allowing you to focus on the advice most relevant to you & your situation.

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In-clinic Fertility Services

With the clinics in New York City & conceriege appointments, we offer acupuncture, custom herbal formulas & bodywork.

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Support At Any Stage

East Asian medicine can assist you through every stage of your fertility journey, from trying naturally to using Assisted Reproductive Technologies like intrauterine insemination (IUI) & in-vitro fertilization (IVF).


We believe that healthy bodies are key to healthy babies. We’re here to help with advice on nutrition, fitness & healthy habits as well as offer an overall reproductive tune-up to get you in great shape for pregnancy.


Crafted to support conception, your treatment plan will help you balance your hormones, regulate your cycle, & correct any other imbalances to help prepare you for conception & optimize egg quality.

IVF/IUI/Egg Freezing

Our mission is to put you back in control, working together to develop a concrete treatment plan with clear goals in mind. Our team of experts can help improve ovarian function & follicle development, enhance uterine blood flow & more.

We use the Yinova Method to treat a range of fertility conditions.

Explore some of the conditions we treat:

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Our Team

Yinova’s team of board-certified practitioners of East Asian medicine have been helping patients understand their fertility health & provide customized guidance & holistic support for over two decades.


Yinova was founded by Dr. Jill Blakeway, who has been described as a “fertility goddess” & named as one of the top acupuncturists by the New York Times. She wrote the bestselling Fertility book, called “Making Babies” in partnership with Dr. David, which is the foundation of the Yinova method.


All of our practitioners are all licensed & board-certified in acupuncture & herbs. Partnering closely with leading doctors, we are dedicated to providing complementary care with meaningful results by using an integrative approach to Eastern Medicine. 

Schedule your appointment online or email us

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments seven days a week, with appointment times available all day. We have locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn & also offer concierge visits. See All Locations.

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