Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine

yinova-stock-098Your practitioner may well prescribe you some herbs. Chinese herbs differ from western herbs in that they are almost always prescribed as a formula containing 5 – 15 herbs. Combining different types of herbs in different quantities helps us to craft a formula to address your specific symptom pattern. The Chinese material medical includes over 6,000 individual substances. A typical practitioner will use between 300 and 400 of these substances on a routine basis. Most of these are plants but minerals and animal parts are also used.

At the Yinova Center our commitment to the environment ensures that we do not use any medicinal substance derived from an endangered species nor one that involves inflicting pain on a living being. Traditionally Chinese herbs were only available in dried form and had to be boiled for many hours to release their active ingredients. However, modern advances have lead to natural methods of extracting the active ingredients so that herbs can be prescribed in more palatable forms such as pills, tinctures and freeze dried granules. These are prepared according to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and subject to high levels of quality control.