What is The Yinova Method?

The Yinova Method describes how we practice an ancient medicine in a thoroughly modern way.  Since 1999, we’ve developed a system that is deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and yet integrates seamlessly with the Western medical care our patients receive.

We call this the Yinova Method and you can find a good example of it in the groundbreaking book, Making Babies, in which our Clinic Director, Jill Blakeway, combines her Chinese medical knowledge with that of a conventional Western MD. 
The result is a book that gives the reader the best that Eastern and Western Medicine has to offer, in a simple integrated program.

Jill developed these concepts further in her second book, Sex Again, which takes 2000-year-old Taoist texts and adapts them to the needs of modern couples seeking help for a flagging sex drive. Again a simple program is at the heart of the book, giving the reader a clear plan of action.

This combination of clarity and rigor has, over the years, developed into a clear Yinova method that is at the heart of who we are as practitioners.

At Yinova We Believe In


We believe that good medicine combines the best that Eastern & Western medicine has to offer, and collaborate with our patient’s other healthcare providers to make sure they get the best possible care. We make referrals to Western physicians for issues that are outside our scope of practice and we’re proud that some of New York’s finest doctors refer patients to our practice. We work hard to justify the faith they have in our ability to deliver safe and effective alternative medical care.


We don’t practice cookie-cutter medicine at the Yinova Center. We believe that each patient has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individual response. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and look for patterns of disharmony that give us information as we make our Chinese medical diagnosis. It’s also why we design a custom-made herbal formula for most of our patients.


Most disorders have a root as well as a branch. The branch may be the pattern of symptoms that brings you into our clinic, but at the Yinova Center, we make a point of trying to address the root causes of disease at the same time as we relieve symptoms. So if a patient seeks treatment for insomnia, we may offer a temporary herbal sleep aid to treat the branch but we’ll also prescribe a more complex herbal formula to treat the root causes of sleeplessness, which may vary from person-to-person.


We believe that you come to us with a particular goal in mind. We’re always honest and straight forward about what we are able to treat and will refer you elsewhere, if your needs fall outside our scope of practice. On your first visit to our center we will set long and short-term goals for treatment and give you a realistic idea of what can be achieved and how long this will take. Then each time we see you, we check that we are making progress and adapt your treatment accordingly.


We take the approach that the body, mind and spirit are not separate and we always treat our patients holistically, giving as much emphasis to emotional symptoms or spiritual suffering as we do physical complaints. In Chinese medicine an emotional symptom can be an expression of a physical imbalance so treating the whole symptom pattern is the best way of drawing a person back into balance. We also believe in the body’s power to heal itself and see our role as supporting the body’s own self healing abilities – be they emotional, physical or spiritual.


Readers of Jill’s books tell us they like the way she takes the complexities of Chinese medicine and makes them accessible, by providing a clear program for the reader to follow. Likewise, at the Yinova Center, we collaborate with our patients to develop a personalized plan for healing and wellness. This may include suggestions about nutrition, talk therapy, exercise, herbs, acupuncture, or massage. However your plan won’t be an overwhelming list of instructions. Nor will it involve you having to change all your habits overnight. On the contrary, we’ll work with you week by week to implement changes that may seem small but will help you to be as healthy as possible.