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  • About Us


    The YinOva Center is a complementary medical center in New York City, known for its experienced team, warm atmosphere and effective care. We believe that good medicine combines the best that Eastern and Western medicine has to offer, and our practice is rooted in the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, adapted to the needs of modern New Yorkers. We’ve been practicing this way since 1999 and we call what we do the .

    The center is home to some of and health practitioners, led by husband-and-wife team and . We are proud to provide and from an experienced of practitioners of . We also offer natural treatments, , , and in a spa-like setting, that is a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan.

    We care for New Yorkers of all ages from small babies to senior citizens and are particularly well known for using Chinese medicine to . Click to find out more about what we treat.


    is the founder of the YinOva Center. A licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist as well as the author of , Jill speaks regularly (in the charming accent of her native England) about natural medicine and makes frequent appearances on . She’s appeared on Dr. Oz, given Katie Couric acupuncture on TV and talked about libido on The Talk. She’s also been featured on Good Morning America, the Early Show and CBS news. Click below for more on:



    The very heart of the YinOva experience is our caring and highly capable team. Meet them and find out more about what they each do.

  • Services


    There are ten experienced practitioners of Chinese Medicine at YinOva led by clinic director Noah Rubinstein. They work together as a team and their treatments involve not just acupuncture  and herbs, but also moxibustion , cupping , gua sha , and dietary and lifestyle advice  — according to what’s appropriate to your specialized Chinese diagnosis.

    To find out more about Chinese Medicine click here.


    Massage therapist Nicole Kruck specializes in fertility massage, prenatal massage, and infant massage, but also practices a wide range of techniques including circulatory massage, deep tissue massage, postnatal massage, and reproductive massage.

    To find out more about Massage click here.


    Each adjustment your practitioner helps you make may seem small, but together over time they will change the way you eat to best support you in reaching your health and weight management goals.

    To find out more about Nutritional at the YinOva Center click here.


    Nell Shanahan Schwartz is a licensed social worker who runs specialized support groups for the YinOva community.

    To find out more about our Support Groups click here.


    Safety is an important part of our healing mission. To that end we provide a scrupulously clean and organized environment, carefully chosen treatments, and, of course, a rigorously trained and well-qualified staff. Our acupuncturists always use sterile, single-use, stainless steel needles. Our herbs are carefully sourced so we are confident they are the best quality available. You can read more about staff credentials, sterile needle technique, herb selection, and the other ways we arrange the Center to ensure your safety (and relaxation) here.  

  • Your First Visit


    We’re happy to be a part of your healing team.


    We are open seven days a week, with appointment times available all day, including early mornings and evenings after work. When you call to make an appointment, our reception team will be glad to find a time that works in your schedule, as well as to help you choose the practitioner and services that will give you the support you need. If you have a specific question relating to your medical condition, they can connect you with one of our practitioners. Call 212-533-2255 or email appointments@yinovacenter.com. You can also make an appointment online here.


    We don’t keep you waiting, so please get to the Center five minutes before your scheduled appointment so you’ll have time to fill out paperwork. You can relax in our spacious and airy waiting room, and help yourself to tea or water. Your practitioner will meet you there and take you into a treatment room to speak in private. No special clothing is necessary, as whatever you are wearing you will likely remove for treatment. You’ll change in private, and be covered throughout your treatment.


    Your first acupuncture appointment generally takes about an hour and 15 minutes, and follow ups about 50 minutes to an hour. This gives you plenty of time to talk with your practitioner and to ask any questions you might have. It also allows time for your practitioner to ask you lots of questions, as well as to examine your tongue and take your pulse in the service of making a Chinese medical diagnosis. Acupuncture points will be chosen according to your diagnosis, and other modalities may also be performed or suggested, including moxa, gua sha, cupping and massage. Your practitioner may also prescribe some Chinese herbs or other supplements. We take great care to explain what we are doing and nothing should hurt or be uncomfortable. In fact, we hear from patients all the time that they love coming for treatment simply because it is so relaxing.


    Your practitioner may prescribe an herbal formula for you. A formula may contain a blend of up to 15 herbs, and come prepared as pills, tinctures, or granules so they are easy and convenient to take. Herbs are always chosen to address your specific pattern of symptoms, with an eye toward maximizing both effectiveness and safety. All the herbs we recommend are from companies we know and trust, and are prepared according to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and so are subject to high levels of quality control. We never use any substance derived from an endangered species or that involves the inflicting of pain on a sentient being.


    We accept all major credit cards, checks, and, of course, cash. Our prices are explained here. Gift cards are also available. We offer multi-treatment packages at a discount. We do not process insurance here at the Center, but are glad to provide the appropriate forms for you to submit to your insurance company. Please check ahead of time to see if you have coverage.  

  • Testimonials

    To read more testimonials check out our reviews on Citysearch, Google and Yelp

    Jill and the Yinova center pick up where regular medicine leaves off. [They] are my secret weapon to everything health related, from allergies to babies to weight loss, and everything in between. Jill and her staff are skilled professionals, [and they are] genuinely caring, warm and trustworthy. Whenever I’m there I feel like I’m being taken care of by my friends or family.”

    – Nicole/Google

     The facility is lovely. The waiting room in the back is like an oasis, but don’t expect to be there long, as I have never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment…never enough time to finish my herbal tea. It is the kind of place where even the hand soap smells nice.

    – Elise/Yelp

     Jill and her team not only offer their expertise in acupuncture and eastern medicine, they are also compassionate, caring confidants. They immediately made me feel at ease discussing sensitive medical information, and helped me through many moments of confusion and frustration. Her team is thorough in their assessments before sessions begin, as well as in their follow-up questions and treatments. Equally important, they are sensitive, incredibly skilled listeners, and true healers.

    – Kathleen/Google

      Noah at the Yinova Center provided immediate relief from the pain of a slipped disc–but my acupuncture treatments have yielded tremendous benefits beyond that as well. The weekly acupuncture sessions have helped me follow through on those changes necessary for better health and [I] have lost 40 pounds in less than 5 months. I’m not sure how much results from the physical effects of acupuncture and how much from Noah’s compassionate and incisive attention, but I’m convinced I wouldn’t have made such progress without the treatment.”

    – Chris1957/Citysearch

      The staff at Yinova is so warm and friendly and the atmosphere relaxing and peaceful. Amanda Silver treated me for fertility issues for over a year, and now as a new mother I am eternally grateful to her. She provided expert treatment but also was very caring and compassionate, helping me through a difficult time. She paid much more attention to my questions and concerns than any of my traditional doctors.”

    – Heather 1017/Citysearch

      Mary is a highly skilled and truly gifted acupuncturist. I started to see her for fertility but she has also treated me for eczema. I’ve seen more improvement with my eczema from her treatments than from any other practitioner I have seen. I’ve also felt noticeably better emotionally which is great since fertility can be a stressful journey. Mary takes a considerable amount of time with me at the beginning of each session to answer any questions and talk about my overall physical and emotional health. She is incredibly knowledgeable about diet, supplements, herbs and overall health and healing.”

    – karaeles/Citysearch

      A treasure!! Jill lives up to her legendary reputation as the “Fertility Goddess,” and her passion for her practice is unmistakeable. My treatment goals were accomplished- and in a shorter time period than expected!! These ladies know what they are doing. Important to note is the lovely atmosphere and superb staff. Every person I have encountered is accommodating, considerate, and supportive.”

    –Maura E/Citysearch

       Jill Blakeway is not just NYC’s No. 1 fertility goddess. She is an extraordinarily gifted healer who rescued me from a pernicious head injury and succeeded where multiple neurologists failed. And because she really embraces Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach to healing, she also facilitated a remarkable degree of emotional healing as well. Plus the Yinova Center itself is an oasis of peacefulness and warmth — immaculate and refreshing. Run — don’t walk — and get yourself some healing!




  • Press

    The acupuncturists of the YinOva Center in New York City are featured regularly in magazines, newspapers, and on TV and radio for their work in Chinese Medicine and fertility for men and women. We’ve appeared on CNN, the Early Show, Good Morning AmericaNBC news, ABC News, the Real Housewives of New York, Million Dollar Listing and in New York Magazine, the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Elle and Town & Country to name but a few. Jill was also the first acupuncturist to give a TEDTalk, at TEDGlobal in 2012. You can find read more press articles and see TV clips of the YinOva team on our press page.

    This brief selection from our press archive will give you a sense of what we do here at the YinOva Center in NY.

    Town and Country magazine profiled our resident acupuncturists and Clinic Directors, Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubinstein. Click here to read it.

    The New York Times listed both Jill and Noah among the best acupuncturists in New York. Click here to link to that article.

    To watch Jill explain acupuncture to Katie Couric for ABC news click here.

    To watch Jill On the Early Show, click here.

    To see an NBC News report featuring Jill and one of her patients talking about using acupuncture for fertility click here.