In most cases, that is absolutely fine! If you do come in for back-to-back treatments, it does not matter which you do first or second, however we have found many of our clients enjoy the massage before their treatment. If you have just had an embryo transfer during an IVF cycle, however, we would recommend taking it easy and checking in with your practitioner before scheduling your appointments all at once.


You can also speak to a practitioner on the phone before booking your Virtual Initial Consultation. Just let the front desk know, and they will arrange a call for you. We also offer virtual consultations, with no acupuncture treatment. These are an opportunity to speak with one of our practitioners, where you will go over your health history and they will prescribe you an herbal formula as well as offer any dietary/lifestyle advice they may have.


Absolutely! You can also see a different practitioner each week if that works better with your schedule. The Yinova team works  collaboratively, so any practitioner you see will have access to your chart and will be fully informed about your case, enabling them to provide you with continuity of care.


You are welcome to come in with your partner, although if you both want treatment you will be assigned separate practitioners. If you would like your partner to accompany you during a consultation, you are very welcome to bring them along, but please note that the consultation will be primarily focused on you individually, and that you will be the only one receiving the treatment at that time.

We do not process insurance in-house; however, we are happy to provide you with a receipt that has the necessary coding for you to submit to your provider. We recommend checking with your insurance company to see if you are covered for acupuncture and, if so, what specific conditions your insurance company covers acupuncture for.


While we do have a particular specialty when it comes to fertility and reproductive issues, we are a general practice that treats everything from pain to allergies and everyone from tiny babies to senior citizens.


Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and they are inserted gently and shallowly. While each person experiences acupuncture differently, most people feel only a minimal amount of sensation as the needles are inserted. Once the needles are in place, most of our patients tell us that they experience a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that lasts for many hours after the treatment.


Using our secure patient portal, OnPatient, you can message any of the practitioners that you have seen. The Front Desk will provide you with your login details when you first visit the practice. Your practitioner also has a Yinova email address which they will share with you after your first treatment. You will also be given contact information for the Clinic Directors, who are always available if you have a question about your case.


If you need to cancel or reschedule, please let the Front Desk know as soon as you can by phone or by emailing appointments@yinova.com. We do have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so appointments altered within 24 hours of the scheduled treatment time will result in a fee.

For your Virtual Initial Consultation, we just ask that you join the Zoom meeting at the scheduled appointment time. For Follow-Up Treatments, we recommend arriving 5 minutes before your appointment. Before every in-clinic appointment, make sure to check in with the Front Desk.


Most  of our patients see us weekly; however, each case is unique. Your practitioner will craft a clear treatment plan for you and will tell you how often you should have treatment. Everyone responds to treatment differently so your results will depend on your particular situation. There are certain issues that can be addressed in a visit or two; other cases might require more treatments until your goal is met. Your practitioner will be able to guide you on the results you can expect.  Often, patients will notice relief from a specific symptom straight away, though we may need more time to work on the underlying root of the issue.

For the first time in over a decade, Jill is available to take on new patients! She is currently only treating people virtually. To schedule a Virtual Consultation with Jill Blakeway, please email info@yinova.com or book online.


You do not need to bring anything with you, though if you do have bloodwork or test results that are relevant to your case we would like to see them. Before seeing the practitioner, we will ask you to fill out some basic information and consent forms and then we will do a full Chinese medicine intake virtually with you before you come in for in-clinic treatments.


While we don’t recommend eating a huge meal before an acupuncture treatment, we do suggest that you have something light so that you’re not get treated on an empty stomach. 

The short answer? Just about everything! Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine that has been used in Asia to treat a broad range of disorders.  It is usually more helpful for chronic issues than acute ones. For complex cases we suggest you speak with one of our acupuncturists before you book your first appointment, especially if you have specific questions about how acupuncture and/or herbs might be beneficial to you.


The first time you visit us at Yinova you will receive a comprehensive consultation, a diagnosis as well as Chinese herbs, if applicable. One of our experienced practitioners will go through your medical history with you and will determine the best course of treatment based on your case. No labs or medical documentation are necessary, but our practitioners are more than happy to look over any information that you’d like to bring. You can either schedule a virtual initial consultation or an in-clinic initial consultation, which will include acupuncture as well. An Initial Consultation at Yinova lasts approximately 40 minutes, and your first acupuncture session may be 30-40 min. Any Follow-Up acupuncture treatments will last approximately 40-60 minutes. You can explore our pricing here.


You can wear whatever you’d like! If your practitioner asks you to take off any items of clothing, they will let you do so privately and will provide you with appropriate ways to cover up.

All of our acupuncturists are board-certified herbalists, so quite possibly! It will be up to your practitioner whether or not prescribing you herbs will be beneficial to you. If you would like to receive herbs, without receiving acupuncture, please book a Virtual Consultation.


Schedule your appointment online or email us

Schedule your appointment online or email us

We are available for in-clinic & virtual appointments seven days a week, with appointment times available all day. We have locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn & also offer concierge visits. See All Locations.

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