by Dr. Alexandra Garcia, DACM, LAc

Detoxing after an IVF Cycle

After going through a cycle of IVF the body often needs a little extra TLC to come back to center. Irregular periods, hot flashes, muscle aches, and bloating are some common signs that your body might appreciate a gentle detox.  

The liver does much of the hard work of processing and regulating hormones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is often likened to the Military General, strategizing and managing all of the body’s internal forces. Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) that make use of synthetic hormones ask our livers to work double time. So, between ART cycles, you can use foods, herbs, and acupuncture to hit the reset button on your liver’s daily activity.

Some great foods to work into your diet are artichokes, carrots, beets, and lemon water. Other foods like dairy, sugar, and alcohol are better to cut back on as they can bog down liver activity. While herbal teas like milk thistle support general liver function, your acupuncturist can prescribe an herbal formula specifically for you.

Body and mind always work hand in hand, so a good rebalancing ritual should include a healthy dose of self care. A hot bath with epsom salts is an easy home remedy for relieving stress. It’s both deeply relaxing and wonderfully effective at drawing out any residual toxins. Carving out time for a good night’s sleep also has a twofold benefit.  An evening of complete rest can significantly reduce lingering anxiety and flush out inflammation and free-radicals. Another essential piece in self care is keeping up with your acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture is deeply rejuvenating; its ability to soothe the nervous system provides a unique opportunity to reset mind and body together.

For a fully customized detox plan, speak to your Yinova acupuncturist about the best combination of food, herbs, and self care based on your wellness and fertility goals.

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