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Katy Hogan, LAc, MS

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Katy Hogan, LAc, MS

Katy Hogan is an experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine who draws on her extensive training in several styles of East Asian Medicine to craft a treatment plan tailored to the needs of each patient. Her focus is women’s reproductive medicine, and she is particularly adept at supporting patients emotionally as they deal with challenging fertility issues.

As well as her OB/GYN specialty, Katy is experienced in the treatment of male reproductive complaints, and addressing a variety of painful conditions from migraines to musculoskeletal disorders. Her training also makes her a good choice if you are seeking help with anxiety and depression.

Katy is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of New York and is board-certified in Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). After graduating with a BA in Anthropology from Columbia University, Katy completed an MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College.

In addition to the training required for licensure, Katy has completed  rigorous postgraduate training. This has included study in both Vietnam and Shanghai, where she treated patients under supervision at the Shuguang Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Katy has also been trained in cosmetic acupuncture by Dr. Martha Lucas and is qualified to deliver “Mei Zen” facial rejuvenation treatments. She spent two years studying Five Element acupuncture with renowned teacher Lonny Jarrett and draws on this training when appropriate to provide an advanced level of care.

Before coming to Yinova, Katy was in private practice and also has worked as an acupuncturist in the inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification & rehabilitation center at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, NY and at NYU’s Langone Hospital for Joint Diseases, in the Initiative for Women with Disabilities.

In her spare time, Katy enjoys playing the piano (again, after a 20 year hiatus; it’s never too late to pursue something you love) and dancing every chance she can get – even if that means in the living room!

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