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Stenmark, LAc

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Stenmark, LAc

Stenmark is a nationally certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbal practitioner with a license to practice in New York State. With a solid foundation in Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture tradition and many years of clinical experience in their private practice, Stenmark works in partnership with patients to resonate with their innate ability for self-healing and optimal resilience with chronic conditions.

A passion for pulse analysis and treatment of more complex conditions led Stenmark into further studies of Classical Acupuncture and channel theory with esteemed mentors in the field, and recent trainings include Jing Shen Pediatrics with Steven Cowan, M.D. and Moshe Heller, LAc. and is mid-certification with Matt Callison in sports medicine acupuncture. Currently, Stenmark is under the guidance of White Pine Institute’s graduate mentorship program in herbal studies and loves to receive messages from patients when their herbal formulas, in addition to treatments, markedly improves their production of eggs.

Stenmark has over 12 years of experience training students in applications of patient sensitivity, rapport, and education within OB/GYN visits in prominent medical and nurse practitioner programs in and near New York City. Furthermore, Stenmark pursues a doctoral degree wherein the Master’s program at Pacific College of Health Sciences. Additionally, they teach Advanced Needle Techniques and a classical approach to Sinew and Divergent Channels, as well as supervision of students with treatment planning and seeing patients in clinical internship.

When not building follicles, treating patients, or teaching students, you can find Stenmark riding a bike, listening to lectures in both East Asian medicine and Buddhist texts, or walking with friends through gardens and art museums. They have a BFA in painting, sculpture, and performance and bring this eye for detail to their work today. 

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