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Support matters: YinOva Support Group Services

I continue to be very humbled by, and grateful for, the opportunity to be the facilitator of the women’s support group at the Yinova Center. I also continue to be impressed and often even taken aback by the strength of the women who attend. Above all, their commitment not only to becoming parents, but also to each other displays that strength I admire.

The members of our support group have a very genuine and earnest concern for each other, demonstrating continual and steadfast support week after week. They show for one another whether fellow members are at their lowest and most discouraged or when they are at their highest. If a pregnancy has taken place and is revealed to the group, or when a member makes a decision to take an alternate route to parenthood, the women of our group have demonstrated their encouragement. Beyond this, many group members contact each other via email throughout the week, providing support, resources, and ideas. The affiliation has been comforting to the members, and as the facilitator, for me it has been a privilege to be a part of.

If you feel the new group may be helpful to you, feel free to attend a meeting. New members are welcome to try the initial session at the start of each six-week cycle. The next cycle begins April 22. 

You may reach out to me, or the front desk at 212.533.2255 (appointments@yinovacenter.com) for more information. 

I’ll look forward to meeting you!

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