Our Yinova Team

At the Yinova Center we believe that our most valuable resource is our talented and experienced team of healthcare practitioners.

A large and well-trained group of Chinese medicine practitioners is at the heart of our team. We are all are board certified in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and between us we cover a range of specialties from gynecology to pain management. Everyone at Yinova treats both male and female infertility, many of us have been trained by Sloan-Kettering in the care of cancer patients, all of us are certified in the treatment of hepatitis C and some of us have a pediatric specialty.

Everyone at Yinova is trained in the Yinova Method which means that they have the expertise to support the programs outlined in Jill’s books, Making Babies and Sex Again, and are experts at integrating Chinese medicine with the other care patients receive.

Find out about our team

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