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Taking Time to Focus on the Good

Wherever your mind goes, your Qi follows.

This sentiment is one that we love and use often in our practice. It’s another way of saying that what you focus on, grows. And to us, it makes sense to focus on the good things. In light of that, we’d love to share with you some of the things we’re grateful for this year:

Quote from Yinova founder, Jill Blakeway: "In a shaky world I find it helps to surround myself with people who are working to make other people's lives better. So this year I'm grateful for community and, in particular, our community at Yinova. It's good to have a supportive team beside you, whether it's your family, friends, or colleagues."

Quote from acupuncturist, Donna Hernandez: "As Practitioners, we are grateful for how fortunate we are to do the work that we love. We appreciate the time we get to spend with our friends and loved ones while knowing that we're perhaps, in some small way, helping others. At this time of year, it's also important to send love and healing vibes to those who may not have or are a little less fortunate. Be well, eat plenty and share lots of cheer!"

Quote from acupuncturist, Daryl Thuroff: “I’m grateful for all the things on this rollercoaster ride called life… for every twist, turn, dip, and slow churn up that hill to come flying down another twist, turn, dip and churn. Even (especially) the challenging parts have helped me grow into a human I am proud to be. I am also most grateful to Jill and Noah for welcoming me into the Yinova family 3 years ago this month. It’s truly been an honor to work with such an incredible team for such wonderful patients.”

Quote from front desk team member, Selina: "With each passing year, I become more and more grateful for being a mother. My son, Christopher, graced my life five years ago and has taught me so much about myself, and about life, in the process. I am thankful to be able to see the world through his eyes. Above all else, he has shown me what pure, unconditional and true love is. I am also grateful for the wonderful opportunity I was given here at the Yinova Center! Since being here, I have met wonderful healers of the world. Last, but certainly not least, I am very grateful for the ability to express myself creatively. I believe words, much like acupuncture, can heal people from the inside out."

Quote from acupuncturist, Katy Hogan: "I am grateful for listening to, and following, my own heart. Over the past several years, my heart has called me toward more and more creative expression...and the opportunities to do so have followed. I've been taking piano lessons and messing around with improvisation, I have been dancing regularly, (usually a couple times per week), back in January, I joined a choir, and just a few weeks ago I started taking an acting class. I am especially grateful for my choir and dance families, who consist of the most uplifting, supportive, creative, dynamic, vibrant human beings I have had the pleasure of associating with. Well - aside from my Yinova family, of course!"

Quote from acupuncturist, Alli Kimmel: "This year, I am so grateful for each new day and for the ever-changing beauty of the world. I am grateful for small moments of peace, for big moments of joy, for growing, and for learning to let go. I am grateful for the gift of a tiny human's giggles each morning, and for feeling her body grow warm and heavy in my arms each night. I am grateful for the beautiful healing energy of the Yinova Center, and for the amazing privilege of sharing healing moments with our patients."

Quote form massage therapist, Somaliah Williams: "There are so many things that I can list here to be grateful for. Many of which will echo my dear co workers such as family, friends, creative expression, self love an amazing job with amazing employers, etc. Yet more than anything I am simply grateful and privileged to have the spirit of gratitude imbued in my being. And here I leave you with a Sanskrit Mantra, an incantation of sorts to say aloud, repeat endlessly and meditate on: Kritajna Hum - I am gratitude"

Quote from Yinova acupuncturist, Dara Barr: "I'm grateful for truth-tellers, heart speakers and whistleblowers speaking truth to power. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRAVERY. This includes all my patients who share their experiences with me, their loved ones and their community to help melt away shame and pain that comes with the sometimes needed silence of navigating hard times."

Quote from acupuncturist, Meghan Sultana: "I am grateful for my loving husband and family, and their wholehearted support. I am grateful for my free-spirited friends who celebrate joy and adventure. I am grateful for my brilliant teachers and colleagues who inspire me to learn and create. I am grateful for my dear patients and for practicing a healing art that connects mind and body. I am grateful for the stars above, for lighting this wild journey and guiding my growth."

Quote form structural integrationist, Jessa zine, "So much gratitude. So much to be grateful for. The quiet of the morning and warmth of my coffee ... always. The sound of my son, playing his joy, how I can hear the smile in his voice and how that smile lights up my heart. A home filled with beauty and hours of shared time and meals with people I love. A strength that grows inside me over time that I trust and believe in. Work that I am deeply committed to that brings me closer to my inner truth and helps others to access theirs. Colleagues I trust and respect and share with. A beautiful space to work in that allows for the magic of connecting and deep listening. The courage of us humans doing all this human stuff. The people willing to challenge and stand up for the many injustices. Hope."

Quote from Yinova acupuncturist, Kelsey Tangel After living on the other side of the world last year, I'm grateful to be entering the Holiday season back home in the Northeast surrounded by family and friends. While I loved eating Pad See Ew and negotiating the price of live crabs in a Thai street market for last year's Thanksgiving feast, planning a classic Turkey dinner, and knowing I'll be eating it with family, fills me with so much joy and gratitude. This year, I'm grateful for where I've been, and thankful where I'm at."

Quote form Kimmel Yeager, "I am exponentially grateful to have joined Yinova this past year. To be in a female-centered business is a dream. I am falling in love with my new co-workers every day just a little bit more and appreciate the laughter, giggles, and smiles so much. The universe provided me with a lot this past year in terms of professional growth, love, and friendship and am stoked on what 2020 might have in store!"

Quote from Yinova acupuncturist, Brittany griffin, "2019 was a big year! Despite many odds, I feel honored to be able to share the parenthood journey with my patients and feel a new sense of deep understanding and compassion for their disappointments, triumphs, and everything in between. I also learned how to ask for support. I haven't always been great at this, but 2019 opened avenues for me to see it as a rewarding new habit. I am grateful for family, friends, and my son!"

Here at Yinova, we are most grateful for the community that all of us – patients, practitioners, and administrators – have created together. New York can be stressful and we are inspired by our patients’ resilience and strength. We really are blessed to be able to support you all.

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