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Happy Thanksgiving

dreamstime_3247016Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I have much to be thankful for. When I think about The Yinova Center, what I am most grateful for is the sense of community that we have been able to create. All of us – practitioners, administrators and patients feel connected. I love the fact that I can walk into the waiting room and see you chatting, sharing your experiences and supporting each other. You are a great group of women and I feel privileged to have met you all. I love that you are willing to share your stories with each other and would like to encourage you to read the blog where many Yinova patients have passed on something they have learned. I have been particularly struck recently by Suzanne’s description of her recovery from breast cancer, Jane’s essay about her stroke, Monika’s story about her breech baby and Kate’s description about how her fertility diet got out of control. Over the years I have learned so much from my patients. You are wise women and I have appreciated the chance to play a role in your healing journeys.

New York can be a complicated city to live in and I see us all, staff and patients alike, as a group of women trying to keep ourselves and our families healthy as we juggle our heavily scheduled lives. We are blessed to be able to support you all.

Recently I read some of the reviews of our center on City Search. I was struck by how often people mentioned our friendly staff. I feel very lucky to have Marie, Mark, and Sarah on the front desk. Each of them really cares about our patients and their warmth and kindness shine through. Many of the reviews mentioned that the office is immaculate and for that we have to thank Dorothy who puts so much energy into creating a clean and supportive environment.

My colleagues Liz Carlson and Margaret Sikowitz practice Chinese Medicine at a very high level. They bring love, compassion, skill and humor to their work. I feel very lucky to have found them and know, because you tell me, how much you appreciate them. If you have never experienced her work I would encourage you to do so.

As many of you know I’ve just finished writing a book with Dr. Sami David. Making Babies will be out next year and I hope it will be useful to many of you. Dr. David is a very good doctor and a kind man and I am grateful to be able to share so many patients with him. His experience and wisdom have enriched my knowledge of fertility medicine.

On a personal note I’m grateful to my husband Noah, who has always supported me 100% in my work and has understood why I find it so consuming. Many of you have met my daughter Emma because she often works for us in the school holidays. She is a source of love, laughter and sunshine in my life and I am proud of the woman she is becoming.

So thank you all — my friends, colleagues, family and you our patients. Together we’ll get through what life throws at us. I look forward to continuing to serve you.

— Jill

© Ingrid Balabanova | Dreamstime.com

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