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Boost your libido with the food you eat

We’ve been talking about sex quite a bit lately at the YinOva Center, with our director Jill Blakeway’s recent release of her second book Sex Again. In her comprehensive look at libido, Jill writes about how to rebuild the connection with our sexuality and desire from within ourselves and our relationship. Since this week brings […]


Follow the kidney meridian to an erogenous destination

Perhaps you’ve heard an acupuncturist speak of the system of meridians on the body and how they plan to use points along them to address certain issues at hand. To give a simple visual, I like to imagine the meridians as rivers. They course the lengths of the body, branching with siphons and into reservoirs […]


Sexless marriage? The ancient taoists can fix that for you

The following article was featured in Huffington Post: Post 50. To read the original post, visit here. “Hope Springs,” the cringingly funny mid-life comedy about a marriage that has lost its sexual spark, seems to have struck a chord with audiences in its opening weekend. It’s a departure for the movie industry, which usually creates […]


Is stress lowering your sex drive?

My new book Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido comes out next year. I wrote the book because patients tell me they wish they were more interested in sex and when I ask them what they think lowers their libido they often mention stress. Stressed out people usually don’t feel like having sex, which is a […]


Just Do It: Why having sex again doesn’t have to be so hard.

I’ve just finished writing my new book Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido, which will be published next year. So many of my patients are fundamentally happy in their relationships but are either not having sex or having sex infrequently. But most people tell me they want to want to have sex again, so over the […]


10 tips for reviving a flagging libido

Birds do it… bees do it…. sometimes my patients feel as if the only person who isn’t doing it is them. Time and time again women confide in me that they rarely feel in the mood for sex. They miss the connection that sex gives them and feel guilty that they have let this part […]