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Follow the Kidney Meridian to an Erogenous Destination

Perhaps you’ve heard an acupuncturist speak of the system of meridians on the body and how they plan to use points along them to address certain issues at hand. To give a simple visual, I like to imagine the meridians as rivers. They course the lengths of the body, branching with siphons and into reservoirs of potent energy, all flowing outward – to the far reaches of toes, to fingertips, to the top of the head. Each of these channels correspond to an organ system which has a dynamic host of functions.

In Chinese medicine the Kidneys govern birth, growth and sexual reproduction. They are the body’s prime source of sexual vitality and thus the focus of our journey. Erogenous zones on the body are known and often improvised, however, in relation to the kidney channel there lies a potency in both its wonderfully strategic placement as well as the deeper connection to a storehouse of sexual energy. The path and divergences of this meridian traverse some of the most delectable areas of the body, starting at the small toe and ending at the clavicle with branches that connect to the heart and the tongue.

Taking a journey along your partner’s errogenous zones means to bring the focus to the body and all its wonderful sensitivities, as well as the mind by building intimacy and connection. In her forthcoming book “Sex Again“, Jill Blakeway talks about the importance of foreplay as a way to get Qi to rise, increasing sexual energy and desire, thus making for a deeper and richer sexual experience for both partners. “The key is to involve the whole body in foreplay, and to use all your senses.”

The path and all the stops on this channel can generate sexual pleasure from the powerful connection of the kidneys. You both may find that areas you hadn’t thought to bring focus provide a delightful feeling. Using the method of your choice, fingertips or lips or tongue, start at the bottom working your way up – which goes with the natural upward flow of energy in the kidney meridian.

Little toe, Sole of the Foot – Our starting point is the little toe – you can begin here by giving the little toe a lite bite or grazing it with your teeth. Use your thumbs to apply pressure to the sole of the foot, as this point is frequently used in reflexology for its calming and grounding effect. From here trail up the inner ankle and leg, using light or firmer pressure (adjusting to your partners comfort so it’s not ticklish) or use kneading- like massage strokes, (or kisses!)

Behind the knee – Take a moment to give attention behind the knee, as this area is very sensitive with many nerve endings, so you can kiss and lick this delicate crevice.

Lower abdomen – The channel passes the groin, and up along the sides of the abdomen. (you can make a quick stop toacknowledge the groin but for now don’t linger – or you’ll never make up to the final destination!) The abdomen is a very special area with vulnerability and sensitive to enticement. Lips and tongue are most welcome here but you can also spend a little time doing some circular massage strokes below the the umbilicus or using the pads of your fingers to trail strokes upward form the public bone.

Collarbone – Trailing further up along the chest we come to the collarbone. This is a beautiful spot on the body and where the last points of the kidney channel lie. Try gentle strokes with your fingertips, or brush with your lips, just below the bones ridge moving inward or out.


The Throat – Kisses along the throat or brushing with the lips is bound to elect pleasure with this area being very delicate and vulnerable. And it’s on the way to the mouth, we’re we are headed, as the kidney meridian has a divergence that connects to the tongue.

The Tongue
– I can’t express enough the endless benefits of kissing so to quote Jill, “Kissing creates closeness both physically and emotionally…Kissing, especially tongue kissing, produces not only pleasure but a sense of attachment..The lips and tongue are exquisitely sensitive.” The tongue has an energetic connection to the heart as well and so it’s clear to see how feelings of love and warmth can bloom from a kiss.

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