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Why Bone Broth is Good for you (and how to make your own)

Your granny was right! A good soup has healing properties. We’re not talking about any old soup, however. There’s nothing particularly curative about the kind of soup that comes in a can or a carton. Soup’s much vaunted medicinal properties come from the broth that makes it and that broth gets its goodness from bones.


Five Healing Herbs you can Grow on your Kitchen Windowsill

Growing a small herb garden on a sunny windowsill means you’ll be able to snip some herbs as you need them to cook. Many culinary herbs also have medicinal benefits, so you can make them into healing teas, tinctures, salves and washes. Thyme, sage and mint make an excellent cough syrup when mixed with ginger […]


5 Warming Herbs to Spice up Your Life

Chinese herbs have a reputation for being exotic, and it’s true that some of the ingredients in our medicinal herbal formulas are quite rare and specialized. However, throughout China and India, it’s also traditional to use common cooking spices for health and healing. As the weather gets cooler, it’s helpful to add some warming spices […]