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Cupping: Not Just an Olympic-sized Trend

A large portion of our country may have only just now become familiar with the ancient medical art modernly known as “cupping,” but it’s far from being a recent trend. As with so many other things, cupping has gained momentous notoriety in the past several days, thanks to famous athletes sporting their very own circular […]


All in the Family: Pediatric Massage for you and your Child

Patients often ask about treatments for children – in addition to acupuncture, for a number of common or uncommon conditions. Shonishin pediatric message is a Japanese treatment that uses small tools to tap, rub, press, scratch and stroke the body’s skin. Shonishin translates to “children’s needle” and although primarily used for young ones, Shonishin massage […]


Hands on Healing: The Maya Way

Hands on Healing: The Maya Way Saturday, December 5 1 – 6pm $125 At the Yinova Center Nicole Kruck, LMT will be leading a one day in depth workshop for anyone wanting to enhance their fertility and reproductive health in a natural way. Whether you have tried a private session or are just curious about […]