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Beneath the Surface

nicolecroppedToday’s blog is written by Yinova Massage Therapist, Nicole Kruck, LMT. Nicole is certified in Women’s Health and Reproductive Care with a specialty in Fertility Enhancement and Maya Abdominal Massage.

Nicole writes: Before I went to school to study massage, I did not want to know what went on under my skin. I felt I would have to be responsible for taking care of my body if I knew what was under there. However, a miracle occurred when I began to handsstudy anatomy & physiology in massage school. I realized I was completely fascinated with this incredible group of systems. I learned that all these system’s main job is to create homeostasis at every moment within my body. My misconception was that my body’s  functions were dark and mysterious when actually they were my best friend.

Life under the surface is like snorkeling the under water. The beauty of the sea weed like intestines, the grace of a ray moving through the water dreamstime_7608267is like a uterus with her fallopian tube & ovary wings, the blowfish is like a stomach expanding and contracting protected by the ribs; the amazing process of ovulation, digestion, breathing or the action of one heartbeat are all created by thousands of continuous actions taking place under the skin.

I have realized in the course of my practice that many of my clients think like I used to. One of the reasons I love my work is that I am able to teach people to explore some of the networks under their hands when I show them their own abdominal self care massage. For a woman to actually feel a part of their uterus through the abdomen can shed tremendous light on what sometimes felt dark place “down there”. As you begin to open up the areas around the reproductive organs the dams that once restricted vital fluids such as oxygenated blood, hormones and lymph are opened to bring back proper balance. Clients are also excited to find that they can manually support elimination by massaging their large intestine which is simple to palpate through their skin. As you learn to massage your abdomen you will find it creates a rippling effect through out all the organs and systems of the body to bring about improved functioning.

YOCOffice2It is proven fact that simple touch can nourish our entire system. As we seek ways to bring greater healing to ourselves I offer you one of greatest tools I have experienced right here in your own two hands. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she finds out that it was always in her power to go home, you can also find great power in your own hands to heal yourself.

I hope you will join me on the journey to explore down under the skin of your abdomen to illuminate a wondrous new world.

Join me and Holistic Nurse Practitioner Cathy Lipsky December 5 at the Yinova Center form 1pm-5pm. If you can not attend I am also available for private Maya Abdominal Massage sessions.

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