Ginseng: Getting to the Root

If there’s one Asian herb that everyone has heard of, it’s ginseng – Panax ginseng to give it it’s full name. It’s often thought of as a stimulant, although Ginseng is actually more sophisticated than that. In traditional Chinese herbology, we use it to strengthen digestion, improve lung function, reduce anxiety, and increase energy.


The Power of Sriracha

It’s Thai. It’s trendy. It gives your food a tangy kick in the taste buds. And you’ve probably heard about it and seen it on the tables of many New York eateries far and wide these days. Sriracha sauce is indeed all that and a bag of…peppers. But there’s more to this sauce than something […]


Give alternatives to the Flu Shot

My brother likes to say that if a massive pandemic were to hit the United States – another plague of sorts – that I would be the first one down. Not a fair assessment, I say, since I actually went a few years without a major cold or flu, but I do get his point. […]