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After Orlando: Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community
In light of the recent mass shootings in Orlando, Jill sat down with some members of the LGBTQ community to hear their thought sand reactions and to discuss the rights and needs of their community. The guests who have come forward to share their thoughts on the subject have all been on Jill’s podcast, grow […]
What Exactly is the Fertile Fizz?
This is Jill’s 30th episode of Jill’s CBS radio show, Grow Cook Heal! For this show Jill decided to go back to her roots and dedicate the entire episode to the subject of fertility. 
Ginseng: Getting to the Root
If there’s one Asian herb that everyone has heard of, it’s ginseng – Panax ginseng to give it it’s full name. It’s often thought of as a stimulant, although Ginseng is actually more sophisticated than that. In traditional Chinese herbology, we use it to strengthen digestion, improve lung function, reduce anxiety, and increase energy. In fact, when Ginseng came to the […]
Book Review: Pee Shy by Frank Spinelli
New Yorkers know Frank Spinelli well. The Chelsea-based doctor found his place on the map with his 2008 book The Advocate Guide to Gay Men’s Health and Wellness. However, it’s his new book, a memoir entitled Pee Shy, that has readers from Whoopi Goldberg to Michelangelo Signorelli in awe of his story. By all accounts, Spinelli has it together. […]
The Connections Between Hashimoto’s Disease and Wheat
Many of the patients I see have at least one autoimmune condition.  And unfortunately, for the most part it’s one of those situations of when it rains it pours: people who tend to have autoimmune conditions tend to have more than one.  Many of these autoimmune conditions have one surprising thing in common: people tend […]
Focus on Cancer: Hot Flashes During Cancer Treatment
Some types of cancer cells are stimulated by naturally occurring hormones in the body like estrogen.  In these cases, drugs such as tamoxifen and letrozole are used to keep hormone levels stable and low.  These drugs are adjuvant therapies used in addition to other cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation and are used to manage […]
Giving Thanks: How I Lost My House and Gained Clarity of Mind
If someone told me three weeks ago that everything I knew would change overnight I would have never believed them. But that became mine and countless other families’ reality in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The lessons learned since then have been extraordinary. A strange thing happens when you are forced to deal with trauma. […]
Wintery landscape
Winter Blues: Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder
It is early November and the exhilarating colors of autumn are falling away with the leaves. For many of my patients, the desire to get outside and “take it all in” is also starting to give way to dreams of hibernation. By nature, we all slow down during the winter months. According to Chinese Medicine, […]
How to Combat Jet Lag, Gently & Naturally
This is the time of year when our Yinova Center patients ask us about jet lag. Some people travel more in the summer and as a result, our patients are looking for safe, natural ways of limiting jet lag or desynchronosis to give it it’s proper medical name. A long flight on a stuffy plane […]

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