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Tips for Men on Improving Sperm Quality
Guys, if you’re reading this article there is a good chance you are doing so on a laptop. And that said laptop is sitting on your lap. Before we begin, take this off your lap and place it on a table, or a pillow, or lap desk. This is one of the many things men […]
How to Keep a Healthy Testosterone Balance
When we hear about testosterone, it is often because we catch a whiff of a scandal involving some athlete or celebrity who has been caught juicing (the use of performance-enhancing drugs). If we think a little closer to home, a more realistic way of hearing about testosterone levels is when we start to see the signs […]
Chemicals to Avoid When Trying to Conceive
When trying to conceive, it’s important to prepare your body by cleaning up your diet and dropping some unhealthy habits. This isn’t always easy, but it it’s definitely worth making some sacrifices in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Here are a few key chemicals to start with that will impact your journey in a […]
Could Holding Back Tears Harm your Fertility?
Have you ever held back tears in the workplace in fear of being seen as overemotional? Or kept your opinion to yourself afraid others would think you’re too aggressive? Culturally speaking, we’re pressured to repress emotions, especially in the workplace. It’s so important that we recognize our emotional experiences as a strength and support healthy expression […]
Male Factor Infertility: How Chinese Medicine Can Help
When patients come to The Yinova Center for fertility treatment we always ask if they or their partner, if they have one, has had a semen analysis. Women* who are not getting pregnant often assume that the problem lies with them and many are surprised to find out that for 40% of infertile couples the […]
Does Soy Affect Sperm Count?
Recently patients have been asking me about long this study which was based on research at The Harvard School of Public Health and published in the journal Human Reproduction. It seems to suggest that men* who eat a lot of soy are more likely to have a low sperm count. It also showed that overweight […]
Acupuncture for Men’s Health
Acupuncture and herbs can be beneficial for supporting all of the unique challenges and changes that occur as men age. From supporting fertility, virility and sperm quality to addressing prostate inflammation and hormone balance: Chinese herbs and acupuncture are a great addition to any man’s health routine. LOW LIBIDO It is estimated that 31% of […]
Men’s Health
Noah at the Yinova Center provided immediate relief from the pain of a slipped disc–but my acupuncture treatments have yielded tremendous benefits beyond that as well. The weekly acupuncture sessions have helped me follow through on those changes necessary for better health and [I] have lost 40 pounds in less than 5 months. I’m not […]

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