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Tips for Men on Improving Sperm Quality

Guys, if you’re reading this article there is a good chance you are doing so on a laptop. And that said laptop is sitting on your lap. Before we begin, take this off your lap and place it on a table, or a pillow, or lap desk. This is one of the many things men do on a regular basis that can decrease sperm quality, and this is an easy first step to reversing course and improving your chances at conception.

If you and your partner are struggling to conceive and discover that low sperm count may be an issue, fear not. There are many lifestyle habits that can be modified to help improve sperm quality.

Don’t Feel the Heat

Heat is a term we use frequently in Chinese medicine and can actually contribute to many disease processes.  The testicles hang away from the body and are cooler than standard body temperature by design. Excess heat exposure to this area therefore can affect sperm quality. So, placing a laptop directly on your lap near your testicles could be contributing to a low sperm count. Place a pillow between the mini-furnace that is your electronic device and yourself to rectify this. The underwear you sport can be causing problems with sperm count for this reason as well. Boxers, which are roomier and allow for more airflow, are a better choice when trying to conceive. Beyond underwear, keep in mind that even relaxing activities like hot tubs, saunas, warm baths and heated pools may not be the best option for you right now.

Keep it Cool

We did just talk about physical temperature and heat, but there is something to be said for being cool as a cucumber in the figurative sense.

Stress can contribute to a wide variety of ailments, including issues with fertility. Prolonged elevated stress levels can inhibit the production of testosterone, a hormone that is crucial to a healthy sperm count (as well as a healthy libido). Sometimes the stress of infertility can create a boomerang effect and decrease testosterone even more. So, taking steps to de-stress in the first place will help your chances at conception in the long run.

Get on your Feet

This may not be news, but sitting on the couch doesn’t do much to help your health. This trickles into areas of sexual health too. Not only has being a couch potato been shown to hinder your libido, but it cuts down on the end result as well.  [pq]A recent Harvard study demonstrated that men who clock in an average of 20 hours a week of TV couch time had a 44% lower sperm count than men who watched almost no TV.[/pq]  Interestingly, men who exercised regularly (especially weight lifting) had higher levels of testosterone and significantly higher sperm count than sedentary men.  While kicking back and relaxing is helpful for managing stress, being a couch potato can cross the line and do a number on bringing your sperm count down.

Your Body is, in fact, a Temple

The key to having healthy sperm may lie within a few simple lifestyle modifications. In addition to being mindful of heat exposure, managing stress levels and remaining physically active, not smoking and cutting down on alcohol consumption will also play a part. Eating more vegetables and cold-water fish like wild salmon have been shown to help too.  All combined, these factors can improve sperm count and lead to a healthier reproductive life.

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