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Recovering from a Traumatic Loss in Fertility: How to Use Chinese Medicine to Treat Stress and Anxiety

We often talk about how to use acupuncture for assisting women and their partners in the pursuit of fertility but what about when trauma occurs and there is stress in trying to conceive again?


Post Surgical Recovery Using Acupuncture

There is a total of 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels in our adult bodies. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment; 100,000 is long enough to lap around the earth’s equator… 4 times. In other words: it’s a lot.


Pride, Pain, and Healing: Using Chinese Medicine to Treat Trauma Within the LGBTQ Community

In my years of experience working in the field of LGBTQ health, I’ve seen many positive changes in the health of our community. It has felt triumphant and inspiring to watch HIV become a largely manageable long-term illness rather than an inevitable death sentence. Marriage equality has been perhaps the most palpable hurdle in the […]


How to Keep your Work Stations Ergonomic

Does this sound familiar: Someone tells you that “sitting is the worst thing for your body!” You then smile and nod as you make a conscious effort to not sit as much until eventually you slip back into the same routine.


Why Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Fertility (and how to know if you’re doing too much).

Here at the YinOva Center, we see many patients who are hesitant to exercise whilst they are trying to get pregnant. Some doctors don’t want to recommend exercise to patients who are planning to conceive and some even warn against it. In reality, exercise, if done in moderation, can actually benefit your fertility. The only thing to be mindful […]


Finding Health During Loss

My mom passed away on January 23rd, 2016; it was a day before her fortieth wedding anniversary and five days before her sixtieth birthday.

by Emma Thake

Can you Compost in NYC?

Did you know that New York City has a whole system for recycling household food waste? Jill talks to Erycka de Jesus from The NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse about how to compost in a city and why composting is important.