Your Fertility Guide: The Tired Type

The Tired Type

The Tired Type

A Chinese Medicine Perspective

From a Chinese medicine perspective, we refer to this type as kidney “yang” deficiency. When your kidneys are yang deficient, you can start to feel fatigued, have cold hands & feet, be consistently low in energy, and achy. It is also common to experience weight gain, frequent urination, low libido, & weak climaxes. This type reflects a broader hormonal imbalance going beyond reproductive hormones & encompasses the thyroid, adrenals, & pituitary gland. Weakness in these systems affects metabolism, circulation, & thus reproduction.

Conditions commonly associated with this type:

Low Progesterone

Low progesterone can lead to a short luteal phase, which can affect embryo implantation. We use Chinese herbs and acupuncture to support the ovarian follicle before ovulation. Then when it becomes the corpus luteum after ovulation, it can produce healthy progesterone levels.

low progesterone

Luteal Phase Defect

A luteal phase lasting less than twelve days is too short for the endometrium to develop enough to properly support a fertilized egg. This is known as a luteal phase defect. It’s a common endocrine disorder, present in a significant portion of our patients having trouble conceiving and more than a third of people with repeated early pregnancy loss. Low progesterone levels in the luteal phase are also an indicator of LPD. You might have a normal twelve-to-fourteen-day luteal phase but still have progesterone levels that are too low. The result is the same: if there’s not enough progesterone, the endometrium can’t develop and function properly. Some studies have implicated LPD in poor follicle development and insufficient levels of FSH and LH.

luteal phase defect

A metabolic disorder occurs when the normal metabolic process of chemical reactions in the body gets disrupted. This disruption can lead to too much or too little of substances needed to stay healthy. Metabolic disorders can affect the quality of sperm and can also interrupt the regular menstrual cycle.

metabolic disorders

An underactive thyroid can impede ovulation leading to irregular menstrual cycles and reduced fertility. In one study, women with unexplained infertility were found to have TSH levels on the higher end of normal, showing that mild, or even sub-clinical hypothyroidism, is the undiagnosed cause of many fertility problems. In addition, hypothyroidism has been linked to an increased chance of miscarriage, so restoring balance to the thyroid before conception is important. According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used to treat thyroid diseases and clinical research shows that it is effective.


Our Advice

Here is some advice on steps you can take to improve your fertility and help optimize your chances of conceiving. Click through the list below to learn more about each of these steps and how they can help.

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The Tired Type: Yinova's Herbal Blend

This herbal blend is designed to give Tired Types an energy boost & support the thyroid & metabolism. We use it to treat fatigue, insulin sensitivity, weight gain, a short luteal phase, and low progesterone.

Based on formulas we've used to treat thousands of patients with measurable results, our 20+ years of experience in fertility support is reflected in this herbal blend.
This herbal blend has been carefully crafted using whole herbs to ensure the potency & consistency of their active ingredients.
We source carefully from growers & manufacturers we trust to supply us with herbs that are pure, effective & free from contamination & pollutants.
This formula helps boost metabolism, address fatigue, treat insulin resistance & support progesterone production.
The Tired Type
If you feel cold, suffer from brain fog, gain weight easily, & are often tired or lethargic, you may be a tired type.
More Support
We offer consultations, both virtually & in-clinic, where we can gather more information, provide specifically tailored herbs & a custom fertility plan.
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Vitamins & Tools to Support You

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Fertility Coaching & Support Groups

Together we can help you enhance your fertility, based on the Making Babies program designed by Jill Blakeway, where each week will have a specific theme geared towards troubleshooting common fertility issues. Our aim is to share information, help you understand your fertility situation & provide a community of like-minded people to lean on.

Making Babies: The Book

Jill Blakeway (& co-author Sami David, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist) draw on the best of both Eastern & Western medicine. By identifying your “fertility type,” inspired by the classical patterns of Chinese Medicine, you can focus on helpful strategies for your particular situation & avoid the things that may be causing you problems.

The Book
A proven 3-month program designed to help people get the best of Eastern & Western medicine to enhance fertility & increase chances of conception.
What's Inside
Information about conventional medicine & explanations of how Chinese medicine can boost fertility, based on your fertility type.
Learn More
Explore our fertility resources page & our blog archive for fertility advice from Jill & the team & join us for events where we dive deeper.
The Author
Yinova Founder Dr. Blakeway is a fertility expert. She continues to see patients at Yinova where she also trains & advises our clinical team.
Enhancing fertility is a Yinova specialty: our team are fertility experts who have been trained in delivering the Making Babies program.
Also from Jill
Jill has also written two other books, Energy Medicine & Sex Again, & was the host of the popular CBS podcast Grow, Cook, Heal.
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