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The Beginning Of Your Journey

At Yinova, we are here to provide you coaching and support throughout the fertility process. Learn more about your fertility type and how Yinova can support you throughout your entire fertility journey.


As a first step, have a virtual visit with renowned fertility expert Dr. Jill Blakeway or one of our board-certified Chinese medicine practitioners to get a customized plan to enhance your fertility.


Dr. Jill Blakeway: $300

Board-Certified Provider: $150

Your Consultation Includes

reproductive health review

When we balance the phases in the menstrual cycle, we are in fact balancing the hormones. Your practitioner will learn about your health history as well as look to your current menstrual cycles to gather information & identify patterns.

fertility type analysis

Learning about your Type allows you to focus on the advice most relevant to you. By identifying & understanding the subtle signs your body is providing, you can focus on your body’s needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

customized fertility plan

Developed by your practitioner, your plan will include recommendations on nutrition, herbs & supplements as well as lifestyle adjustments to help gently bring your body back into balance to enhance your fertility.

Service Overview

Type of Service:

Initial Fertility Consultation


Dr. Jill Blakeway: $300
Board Certified Practitioner: $150

session duration:

60 min

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