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What Does Your Acupuncturist Eat? A Look Inside Laura’s Refrigerator

As a Baby Boomer, raised in the 50’s and 60’s, Laura Scheurer witnessed a change in how families congregated for meals and the food they ate. “I grew up with TV dinners, Ring Dings, Twinkies, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, bologna, white bread, coke and chips,” Laura recounts. In contrast with the societal shift to processed foods, Laura’s fondest memories include cooking with her grandmother using “real food” to create wholesome meals that filled the home with comforting aromas. Today, sticking to her “whole foods” sensibility, Laura laughs that she may have “too positive a relationship with food.”

You have a nicely stocked refrigerator with quite a few tupperware containers. Is it safe to say you enjoy cooking?

I do like to cook and I love leftovers. My work schedule is such that I don’t have the time or energy to cook every night, so on the days that I can, I like to make something that will last a few meals. For storage of leftovers, I’ve switched out tupperware and plastic containers for glass jars and Pyrex in hopes of decreasing my exposure to BPA. I don’t have a microwave, so I reheat either right in the Pyrex or lightly steam heat leftovers.

I’m curious, what’s in all the containers? I think I see quinoa on the middle shelf.

You’re right that is quinoa, also brown rice, buckwheat groats and lentils. I gave up eating red meat, chicken and industrial raised meat, last year. I rely more on whole grains and plant based proteins. However, as a remnant of my meat eating days, I have congealed stock base from our Thanksgiving turkey (organic and free range) in one of those containers. All you need is a smidgen of gelatin to add great flavor to any dish.

I see a lot of green veggies in your drawers. How do you incorporate them into your diet? Do you have any favorite ways to prepare them?

I love steamed or lightly sautéed veggies of all kinds. I especially love kale, broccoli, broccoli rabe, spinach and cabbage – both red and green! Sometimes I juice a combination of spinach, kale, cucumber and celery with a little ginger for a healthy start to my morning. I feel like I’m doing good things for my body when I have a fridge full of greens, this way I can easily add them to a bowl of quinoa or I can juice them.

Well, from the looks of your fridge, you’re definitely taking care of your health. Do you shop mainly organic?

I do my best to buy as organic as possible, it’s not 100%, but probably more than 50% of my purchases. It’s very important for me to shop from the local farmers market to support organic sustainable farming practices. Organic food also tastes better to me and I feel better eating it.

Why do you stock both almond milk and regular milk? Do you use each differently? Do they offer separate health benefits?

I have 2% organic milk because I love Barry’s tea with milk and honey. For me there is no substitute for that combo when seeking the most satisfying cup of tea. I use the almond milk, or occasionally rice milk, hemp milk or coconut milk, for the Metagenics shake (Ultra-Meal 360) I have for breakfast. Although I have no problem digesting milk products, I prefer the alternative milks for my morning shakes.

I think I spot some berries on the bottom shelf. Are they a staple in your diet?

I love berries! Berries that are rich and deep in color, like red, blue, black or purple, contain phytonutrients loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber. I add them to shakes, smoothies, and yogurt treats that I make with walnuts and maple syrup – delicious!

What’s in the clear green circular container on the top left shelf?

It’s my little beauty secret, it’s called “Nourish My Eyes.” They’re refreshing soothing eye pads with cucumber and green tea extract. I tend to have a bit of Liver Fire on occasion, where my eyes are red, burning and sensitive to the light. I find these pads very soothing, but to be honest, a slice of cucumber over each eye for about 10 minutes works just as well.

What are in those pouches?

Those pouches contain powdered supplements that I add to raw juices or my morning shake. There’s organic raw Maca powder – it’s a nutrient-dense “super food” packed with nutrients known to nourish the endocrine system. Maca is used as a stress-fighting adaptogen to increase stamina, fight fatigue, and it’s also known to benefit the libido! In the other bag, I keep a stock of Hemp protein powder, a great source of plant-based protein, fiber and omega-3s. I sometimes use it in baked goods to boost the protein. Lastly, I have “Ultimate Chialife “ seeds, which are high in Omega-3- 6 & 9 fatty acids as well as fiber, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Those same seeds are used for that popular holiday present, the Chia Pet!

That’s pretty cool – a dietary supplement and a Chia Pet all in one seed! Thank you so much for opening your personal refrigerator to us. Any last comments on your “food” philosophies?

Ain’t life grand??!! How fortunate we are to be able to have a conversation about the abundance in our refrigerators?!? Let us be kinder, let us be more generous with our fortunes, let us be more grateful for our gifts and share them without hesitation.

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