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An Immune Boosting Soup

In Asia the line between food and medicine is more blurred than we in the west are used to. Chinese medicine is full of recipes that combine food and herbs to make meals that both nourish and cure. With cold and flu season still in full swing I thought I’d share a healing recipe for […]


Why Bone Broth is Good for you (and how to make your own)

Your granny was right! A good soup has healing properties. We’re not talking about any old soup, however. There’s nothing particularly curative about the kind of soup that comes in a can or a carton. Soup’s much vaunted medicinal properties come from the broth that makes it and that broth gets its goodness from bones.


Curried Butternut Squash Soup

I love the sweetness of butternut squash, but I always feel as if it needs something to liven it up. In this recipe, curry spices and ginger add heat and make a simple, but very satisfying soup. In Chinese medicine squashes are thought to be qi tonics and are prized for their nutritional value. They’re […]


Late summer soup

This is barely a recipe. In fact I almost didn’t share it with you because it’s so simple. However it tasted good, looked pretty and is cheap and nutritious. It’s also an ideal soup to make as the season changes because it’s light enough to evoke the taste of summer and warming enough to serve […]


Butternut Squash and Kale Soup

This is a wonderful soup for people who are tired or convalescing because in Chinese medicine winter squash is a qi tonic. Butternut squash is mostly eaten in the autumn when it is said to have absorbed the sun’s energy over the summer and packs a warming nutritional punch as the days get colder. However […]