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Mom Posture: Balancing the Physical Side of Breastfeeding with Manual Therapy

I just could not let August breeze by without the recognition of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. As new moms, we’re under so much pressure to achieve Magna Cum Laude in the “best mother” sector of being human that we often neglect the most important aspect of the equation: ourselves and our bodies.


Sleep & Your Reproductive Clock

Believe it or not your sleep, or lack thereof, may be a contributing factor to some of the difficulties you may be having trying to conceive. The central circadian pacemakers in the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus), the body’s “internal clock”, set daily rhythms based on light information from the surrounding environment. New research published in the […]


Could Insomnia Be Affecting Your Fertility?

You may already know that sleep is important to your health, and surely you’ve experienced how vital it is to your state of mind. As it turns out, it is also valuable for fertility; lack of sleep can play a role in infertility.


Finding Your Seasonal Sleep Rhythm

As we approach winter and the sun sets earlier and rises later, our circadian rhythm naturally changes as well.  In our modernized world, many of us are unaware and continue on the same schedule of bedtime and waking as we have all Summer, but our bodies and brains are still tuned into the changing rhythm. […]

by Leigh Evans

Sleep and the Art of Rest

Do you lie in bed with your thoughts spinning out of control and an exhausted body, begging for sleep? Are you one of the 70 million Americans who struggles with sleeplessness? How can we let go of our overstimulated minds from keeping us up, or waking us up in the middle of the night. As […]


Sleep Like a Baby

A good night’s sleep is as important to your health as a nourishing diet or getting enough exercise and sleep problems are often an indication that you’re out of balance. That’s why at the Yinova Center we ask you lots of questions about your sleep. Your acupuncturist is likely to ask you some or all […]


Diabetes and Sleep

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. In our country, Diabetes has reached epidemic levels. There are 20 million diabetics in the USA!


Why do I Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night?

Many of my patients ask me this question. The Chinese medicine clock offers answers. Every 2 hours the energy runs through a different meridian. If the energy is unbalanced in a certain meridian, we may have trouble sleeping during the corresponding time. Take a look at the chart below and see if it resonates with […]


10 Reasons why Sleeping well is Important to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Are you doing all the right things and yet you’re still not losing weight? Evidence shows that sleeping well is as important as exercising or a balanced diet.

by Emma Thake

7 ways to prep yourself and your family for back-to-school

Summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner. For so many people the beginning of the year feels like if falls around this time and that’s because school is almost back in session.  It’s a transitory season for many, whether you’re getting your kid ready for their first day being a third […]


The best sleep tip and why you should use it

Not sleeping well is one thing, but emphasizing that insomnia will speed up the aging process, makes people pay attention more than anything else.  After all, who doesn’t want to age gracefully?  


Why am I a Night Owl?

In New York, being a “night owl” is often a blessing.  People who can’t sleep are effortlessly celebrating life all over town. For those who don’t need to wake up early in the morning, it works.  But what makes some of us want to stay up all night?