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Tips for Living Healthier

When I meet with new clients in my practice at YinOva, I always provide a handful of practical ideas they can put to use immediately to shift their state of health.  These are always tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. In celebration of National Eat Healthy Day, here are seven tips that […]


A Cleanse for Lasting Weight Loss

In Chinese medicine, your digestion plays an absolute central role in optimal health. Having a weak digestive system (which for us encompasses functions of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver, and immune system) can lead to countless other health problems. In fact, I often see patients coming in for problems in other areas […]


Ask the RE: How Safe is IVF?

I am 33 years old with two children conceived naturally and my question is regarding IVF.  My husband is pushing for me to agree to do IVF for our last child to ensure the sex of the baby and I am very reluctant.  My OB says that for someone who can get pregnant naturally it […]


Continuing Education at YinOva

At Yinova we’re proud of our commitment to continuing education. We regularly bring teachers into our center from around the country to train our team and keep our knowledge current and our practice vibrant. Our in-house training program is an example of our commitment to provide our patients with the best care possible and our […]


What Does Your Acupuncturist Eat? A Look Inside Amanda’s Refrigerator

Amanda Silver is nicknamed The Yinova “Rock Star” for a reason. Her ability to develop personal relationships with her patients, co-workers, family and self is a true testament to the “Ying-Yang” balance of her being. Her holistic approach to life translates to her diet, and is visually seen through her refrigerator.