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Zucchini “Pasta” with Avocado Pesto, Arugula and Shrimp

We first tasted zucchini pasta at a raw food restaurant a few years ago and were blown away by how similar it is to regular noodles only with some very notable health benefits. This article compares regular pasta to the veggie version and reveals that a normal bowl of pasta has 581 calories and 121g of carbs […]


Banana Bread for Allergy Sufferers (gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free and dairy free)

Some of our patients have allergies to wheat, dairy and eggs. In fact I’m seeing more people with these kinds of sensitivities, which makes me wonder if these foods are creating inflammation in a way they didn’t used to, because of modern farming and food production methods. Personally I feel better if I follow a […]


Going Gluten Free

Lots of us enjoy trying something fresh for the New Year.  And since many of you have been buzzing about going gluten-free, we thought we’d explore it further. If you feel like you don’t understand all the fuss, you are not alone. With so much media attention, going gluten-free is quickly becoming a fad diet […]


A recipe for Gluten Free Summer Squash Bread

Few things are more comforting than a boiled egg with toast soldiers, a sandwich on crusty bread or a cake with afternoon tea. But for the millions of people who suffer from gluten intolerance these pleasures are denied. At the Yinova Center we’re familiar with the territory. Quite a number of our patients are allergic […]