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Choosing Acupuncture Over Accutane

About two years ago, seemingly overnight, something within my body changed. I went from having skin that was consistently smooth and clear to being excited anytime there were only a handful of blemishes on my face. New pimples were appearing on what seemed to be a daily basis, but they were concentrated solely around my mouth; mainly on the sides of my chin and around my lips. After visiting countless doctors in an attempt to understand what was happening with my skin, it seemed that they were all suggesting the same remedy: birth control or oral antibiotics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am totally ok with taking the occasional medication to ease unnecessary suffering (menstrual cramps, I’m looking at you!), but the pimples on my face were an outward sign that something inside my body wasn’t right. Hormones, stress, and diet can all play a role in bad skin – and while birth control and antibiotics would likely have helped to clear up the pimples, these medications would only cover up a bigger internal issue and essentially allow me to pretend that it didn’t exist.

As tempting as it was to go for the quick fix of birth control, I didn’t want to eliminate the only way my body was able to communicate with me that something was wrong. In an attempt to resolve things in a more natural way, I started by meeting with a doctor who specializes in holistic medicine; but after introducing various supplements, changing my skin cleansing routine, and embarking on multi-month elimination cleanse (which removed all possible allergens and causes of inflammation from my diet), the skin around my mouth was as unsightly as ever.

With the knowledge that my diet, makeup, cleansing routines, and overall lifestyle were not the cause of my skin woes, it became very clear that hormones were solely responsible. My reluctance to use birth control had put me at a dead end until a friend suggested I try acupuncture – specifically recommending Klara – and I made an appointment the next day.

I began meeting once a week for acupuncture, and was provided with a special blend of Chinese herbs to take twice daily. Within 6 weeks I began seeing a significant change in my skin, and after three months of treatments my skin had done a complete 180. Now that my skin is clear, I have continued my visits with Klara in order to regulate my cycle and ensure that my body can remain regular on its own once I am no longer receiving treatments.

Looking back at a picture of how bad my skin was a mere 5 months ago is still a bit shocking, but I am hopeful that this journey to balance my hormones is now coming to an end thanks to the magic of acupuncture. Dealing with these pimples sans medicine has taught me how to take control of my health in a more holistic way, and has proven that investing the time and energy in my wellness now will help prevent bigger issues down the road. What started out as a quest for clear skin has become so much more than vanity – and I couldn’t be happier with all that I have learned in the process.

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