YinOva Center, Acupuncture NYC


At The YinOva Center, we are delighted to offer our patients a variety of therapeutic massage techniques.  From a focused Mayan fertility massage, to prenatal and postnatal massages, to a general circulatory massage, our experienced massage staff will work with you to help you attain your health goals.

Maya Abdominal Massage

An ancient abdominal massage technique developed to address fertility issues such as a tipped uterus, ovarian cysts, repeat miscarriages, poor circulation, scar tissue, a thin uterine lining, and abdominal adhesions. This massage can also be helpful for digestive problems and urinary issues including incontinence.  Not only will you receive this massage from a certified experienced practitioner, you will be taught self-care techniques to help continue the benefits between sessions.

General Circulatory Massage

This full body massage is focused on relaxation and reducing muscle tension, which can lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce the effects of stress.  Specific areas of tension can be targeted such as lower back pain, hip pain, or neck and shoulder tension.


This pleasant and relaxing treatment can help manage PMS symptoms, uterine cramping, fertility, and peri and post-menopausal symptoms.  The famous YinOva V-Steam can also be combined with other massage options at our center.