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When Does the Healing Process Begin?

If I were to ask you when you thought the healing process began, how would you respond? It’s difficult to pinpoint, isn’t it? Does it begin when you walk in? Perhaps it starts when you’re laying on the table? Or maybe it kicks in as soon as you leave your treatment? 

I think the reason the starting point might feel difficult to zero in on is because it actually happens as soon as you make your appointment. Yep, right in that moment. By doing so, you are letting your calendar and your body know: ‘I have committed to a particular space and time to support my own wellbeing.’ That allows your body to come into alignment with your mind and become open to the healing process.

You may have heard the phrase “healing is not linear.” Oftentimes the healing process isn’t what we expect; it has ups and downs and is different for everyone. I like that phrase because it brings to mind some questions: If healing isn’t linear, could it also be the case that the healing time period isn’t linear, either? What if setting clear intentions, both by patient and practitioner, play a role too? 

Back when I was in acupuncture school, one of my favorite teachers taught us that when treating someone, we should keep in mind where we see them in ten treatments. By doing so, we’re able to create a clear course, outlining for ourselves and the patient what should be expected of the treatments. 

Here at Yinova, we are in the practice of creating treatment plans for our patients, to customize what’s needed, and shape our partnership in healing. Your treatment plan is a way to take more immediate goals and weave them together with the longer-term vision. When your practitioner prescribes you herbs, offers dietary suggestions, teaches you a meditation and breathing practices, or any other recommendations, that’s all part of the treatment plan. On top of that, by coming to each appointment, you get to bring what’s been happening that week along with any new insights you have gathered. 

When you make a connection with a practitioner, you have invited them in and by continuing to show up for yourself and your own healing, you are deepening that bond. 

Throughout the week I make time to reflect on each of my patients– What is shifting internally and externally for them? How can I continue to hold and uplift their vision of health? I use your treatment history to determine the best path for us to move forward. When you book an appointment, together we can create space and time just for you. When you schedule your appointment, both of our calendars become engaged, which allows me to fully support you through your healing journey. 

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Here are some tips I have for maximizing your healing journey: 

  • When you make an appointment, try your best to keep it. This is one way you are committing to yourself and your health. Create the space in your schedule for self-care. 
  • Make note of how you’re feeling in between treatments. You don’t have to write these things down, although you can if you like (and it may help if you do!). In any event, take time to pause and reflect on how you have been feeling. What’s changing? What’s not changed yet? Has anything new arisen? Have any questions popped up?
  • Herbs work the best when you are consistent with taking them. This is also a great time to do a little self check in each day. 
  • Be diligent about any other lifestyle changes that were offered, but be gentle with yourself at the same time. You are a human being, doing the very best you can with what you have right now. You can lean on us for support and guidance, as we are here to take your health in hand.

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