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Vaginal Steams – Traditional Wisdom for Modern Women

Last year an  L.A. Times article on “Vaginal Steaming” caused much comment on the internet and many of our Yinova Center patients asked us about it.  Most giggled a bit with embarrassment and some were intrigued but it seems that what women want to know is — should they steam their uterus?

Known in Central America as Banjos (ba-hoes) or in Korea as Chai-yok, these baths have been used around the world for centuries to foster good uterine health.  I do V-Steams personally and prescribe them to many of my clients.  Those who do them find the experience relaxing and they see improvements in their vaginal health.  Steams are especially effective for people with a misplaced uterus which can lead to symptoms such as dark menstrual blood, cramping, periods that stop and start, as well as repeated yeast and other bacterial infections.  They are also helpful for cervical dysplasia and they can enhance fertility, supporting natural cycles and increasing the efficacy of assisted reproductive techniques.  Some women may think of their lower bodies as separate, especially if there has been some type of trauma (physically, emotionally or spiritually) in the pelvis.  This treatment helps them pamper themselves “down there” and reconnect with their bodies.

Think of a V-Steam as a facial for your vagina.  It creates the same effects as a facial but it does so internally for your uterus and vaginal canal.  What do you think women used before store bought (unnnatural) douches?  v steam nycThey used plants, clay, garlic and other home remedies.  Honestly, I wish I knew about this in my younger years.  All those awful symptoms I endured during my menstruating years – this would have been such a welcome relief!  Thankfully, I learned early enough to, at least, find relief in my peri- and (now) post-menopausal years.  Unlike using chemicals and pharmaceuticals, there are no adverse side effects.  The steams are pH balanced and the herbs I use are all organic.

Since many women come to The Yinova Center to enhance their fertility, we are excited to offer the V-Steams as another tool in our fertility program – along with abdominal massage and regular acupuncture sessions.  They are ideal for increasing blood flow and circulation to the uterus.  The steams are PH balanced and they contain natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  Truly a wonderful complement when preparing the uterus for conception.  Used 24 hours before retrieval or transfer, doctors and patients have found they enhance the ease and and efficacy of these procedures.

The Yinova V-Steam is a private 30 minute session including a short abdominal massage treatment.  We recommend this session in conjunction with your regular Maya Massage and acupuncture treatments. 

It should not be used to replace a regular Initial Arvigo Massage (formally known as Maya Fertility Massage) session.

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