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The Good News is You’re the Pilot.

I noticed the above quote, attributed to author Michael Altshuler, while walking by a school last week. I found myself thinking about these words and how they related to and were reflective of what we discuss every week during the Women’s Infertility Support and Resource Group at the Yinova Center.

by Emma Thake

What Do I Look For in an Acupuncturist?

One of the most common questions that Dr. Jill Blakeway gets asked in interviews about the general benefits of acupuncture is “How can someone find a good acupuncturist near them?” 


Support Matters: A Q&A with group leader Nell Shanahan LCSW

Here at the Yinova Center, one of our most valued adjunctive services for fertility patients is our long-running fertility support group, led by facilitator Nell Shanahan, LCSW. Before joining Nell’s group, some future participants have questions on what the group means and how it is structured. With another group starting in September, we decided to […]


To those affected by Hurricane Sandy, from Diana Harris

My dearest New York and New Jersey family, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The words of Thomas Paine reverberate in my head as I sit down to write this letter. Although this quote dates back to the time of the American Revolution – it aptly surmises the feelings in the hearts of […]


A New YinOva Support Group Cycle

Another cycle of the women’s support group begins Monday, July 30th, and will run for six weeks. I hope you will consider joining us. As I have mentioned in my previous blog entries, no topic is off limits in this group. Everything is discussed. Fertility. Pregnancy. Marriage. Miscarriage. Work. Relationships. Loss. Hope. Fear. Sex. To […]


Find Support at the YinOva Center

More than just an infertility support group, the support group at the Yinova Center is now more broadly described and understood by its members as, above all, a women’s support group. It’s where women can come together to talk, yes, about infertility but also about pregnancy, miscarriage, marriage, work, relationships, and more.


The YinOva Guide for Post-Marathon Recovery

With the NYC Marathon coming up many of you are getting ready to take on one of the biggest challenges of your lives. For months some of you have committed time and energy to this race, which – let’s face it has – fairly dubious origins. Here at the Yinova Center many of our friends and […]