Finding Your Seasonal Sleep Rhythm

As we approach winter and the sun sets earlier and rises later, our circadian rhythm naturally changes as well.  In our modernized world, many of us are unaware and continue on the same schedule of bedtime and waking as we have all Summer, but our bodies and brains are still tuned into the changing rhythm. […]


Hydrate naturally!

It isn’t news to anyone that it is super hot out there. This summer has been more forgiving than last year, but there have still been a fair amount of sweateringly hot days. We wanted to give you some advice on how to hydrate and cool down, naturally! I went around the office and got […]


Late summer soup

This is barely a recipe. In fact I almost didn’t share it with you because it’s so simple. However it tasted good, looked pretty and is cheap and nutritious. It’s also an ideal soup to make as the season changes because it’s light enough to evoke the taste of summer and warming enough to serve […]