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Healthy Foods You Can Use To Offset Your Cravings

Can’t stop thinking about that Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey that’s just sitting there in your freezer? How about when you’ve had a long and busy day: surely you deserve that bag of chips? What about when you’re tired and you need some extra sugar as a pick-me-up? Thoughts like this aren’t uncommon, and food […]


Our Sweet Escape: Part 3

We’ve made it pretty far, half way to be exact! We’re all getting used to our sugar free lives, the food options out there for us, and so on. However, some of us are definitely finding it a little harder than others…


How to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Decreasing or avoiding sugar can be a big challenge for most of us. Sugar is everywhere, and not just in our desserts and treats. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the hidden sugar we’re ingesting. Juices, condiments, cereal, salad dressings, sauces, and even “natural” things like some dried fruit and yogurt can all contain added […]


Our Sweet Escape: Part 1

Sugar certainly seems to be a hot topic at the moment. From movies like Fed Up to Alec Baldwin’s “war on sugar,” we’ve been noticing more of a dialogue about what we are putting in our bodies. And, to be honest, talking about processed/refined sugars really seems like a conversation worth having.