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Sleep & Your Reproductive Clock

Believe it or not your sleep, or lack thereof, may be a contributing factor to some of the difficulties you may be having trying to conceive. The central circadian pacemakers in the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus), the body’s “internal clock”, set daily rhythms based on light information from the surrounding environment. New research published in the […]


Could Insomnia Be Affecting Your Fertility?

You may already know that sleep is important to your health, and surely you’ve experienced how vital it is to your state of mind. As it turns out, it is also valuable for fertility; lack of sleep can play a role in infertility.


Sleep Like a Baby

A good night’s sleep is as important to your health as a nourishing diet or getting enough exercise and sleep problems are often an indication that you’re out of balance. That’s why at the Yinova Center we ask you lots of questions about your sleep. Your acupuncturist is likely to ask you some or all […]


The best sleep tip and why you should use it

Not sleeping well is one thing, but emphasizing that insomnia will speed up the aging process, makes people pay attention more than anything else.  After all, who doesn’t want to age gracefully?  


7 tips to sleep better tonight

“If you are operating on less than five hours of sleep for five days in a row, you are actually functioning as if you were legally intoxicated,” says Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho, Surgeon General, at the Association of the U.S. Army’s 2012 annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Insufficient sleep can come in several forms – not […]


Is Melatonin a dangerous supplement?

New York has a reputation for sleeplessness. Based in the heart of downtown in a city that never sleeps, here at the Yinova Center, we know a thing or two about insomnia and it probably won’t surprise you to hear that we treat large numbers of sleepless New Yorkers. Many of them come to us […]