An Immune Boosting Soup

In Asia the line between food and medicine is more blurred than we in the west are used to. Chinese medicine is full of recipes that combine food and herbs to make meals that both nourish and cure. With cold and flu season still in full swing I thought I’d share a healing recipe for […]


A Cleanse for Lasting Weight Loss

In Chinese medicine, your digestion plays an absolute central role in optimal health. Having a weak digestive system (which for us encompasses functions of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver, and immune system) can lead to countless other health problems. In fact, I often see patients coming in for problems in other areas […]


The connections between Hashimoto’s Disease and wheat

Many of the patients I see have at least one autoimmune condition.  And unfortunately, for the most part it’s one of those situations of when it rains it pours: people who tend to have autoimmune conditions tend to have more than one.  Many of these autoimmune conditions have one surprising thing in common: people tend […]