by Emma Thake

YinOva Guide to Gift Giving

‘Tis the season of gift giving! Whether you are giving or receiving: gifts are always fun, but finding the right gift can feel like pressure. It’s not easy finding a perfect present, whether it’s for someone dear to your heart, a distant family member, a co-worker, your pets, your friend’s pet, whoever! So, this is […]


L’Shana Tova: Apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah and beyond

With Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, comes a customary heap of symbolic food offerings. Chief among these is the combination of apples dipped in honey.


Holiday stress? Jill’s top 5 instant stressbusters

This is a fun time of year, but it’s stressful for most people. And here at the Yinova Center I’ve recently been treating a lot of insomnia and neck and shoulder tension. According to the CDC 85% of diseases have an emotional component, and a 20-year study, conducted by researchers at the University of London, […]