Cool as a Cucumber on a Hot Day

Cucumbers thrive in warm sunny weather and in our garden we tend to have dozens that ripen at the same time. It makes me realize why, in days gone by, people invented dill pickles, because it’s hard to keep up with a cucumber harvest and a shame to waste them. Cucumbers have been used medicinally […]


The Vegetable Garden in June

Some of you may remember that back in April we blogged about planting vegetable seeds. I posted pictures of those seedlings here on the blog and on Facebook and have been surprised by how many people have asked me how they are doing. They looked like this in the early spring…. And now it’s June […]


How to Grow your Own Sprouts.

 Sprouts not only taste good, they’re full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and enzymes. Their nutritional benefits were discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago. In Chinese medicine a seed is considered to be yin and it’s offshoot is considered to be yang, so the ancient Chinese recognized that as a seed sprouts, yin […]