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Spring into wellness: Basic Moves to Reignite your Body Now

Spring is finally here! Can you feel the shift in energy?

The trees are budding and flowers are blossoming. Are you blossoming too? Or are you still feeling stuck in hibernation mode?

Now is the time to spring into wellness both mentally and physically. 

In the spring your body begins a cleansing process of repairing damaged cells and clearing out toxins. You may do a cleanse in your diet, or a deep cleaning of your living environment to begin the season with a fresh start. 

What about your body?

Have you been working out but still find that your energy is low or your body feels lethargic? Do you feel uninspired and slow moving? Or do you actually find yourself sitting on the couch thinking about working out, but you haven’t really done anything yet?

Even if you regularly workout, practicing these Pilates movements will help you activate your muscles more deeply, open up your joints and feel livelier.

Practicing moderately intense movement helps to strengthen, energize and break a sweat. Moves that open up and extend your shoulders and hips really help to get your blood moving and energy flowing.

This quick video shares with you some basic Pilates moves for kick-starting your body this spring.  The exercises have been chosen to help awaken your body from head to toe. In this practice you will connect to your abdominals with every movement and you will strengthen your shoulders, back, and legs.

Watch the video now to feel uplifted, toned, and glowing for spring and the summer ahead.


Frances Darnell is a Pilates teacher and wellness lifestyle consultant. Frances is passionate about helping women feel empowered in their bodies by helping women deeply connect to their core and balance their pelvic floor. She works with women supporting their fertility, through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. She founded the Dynamic Mama series of Pilates – which provides much needed support to help moms rehabilitate their abdominals, strengthen, reconnect and realign post-partum.

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