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Lyme Disease: How Often Are We Misdiagnosed?

Jill takes a trip down to the farm store at Little Ghent Farm to talk to Mimi Beaven about her new book on preserving and jam making. Mimi’s also know for making excellent sourdough bread and she talks to Jill about cooking and baking on a farm. We then join Jill in the kitchen with self-nourishment coach Jeanette Bronée who shows us how to make watermelon, beet and berry popsicles. Finally, Jill talks to Helen McCormack whose company is developing a new test for Lyme disease.

Jill revisits Little Ghent Farm to chat with Mimi Beaven who runs the farm store, which m We’ve actually been the Little Ghent farm before! Back on Episode 26 Jill talked to Mimi’s husband, Richard, about keeping chickens and the differences in the treatment of livestock. Jill even got to explore the coup and pick one of their warm freshly laid eggs for herself! So we really couldn’t help but go back and find out a bit more about what Little Ghent does. As well as farming chickens, Mimi also cooks and runs the farm store and, on top of all of that,has a book coming out titled Do Preserve: Make Your Own Jams, Chutneys, Pickles and Cordials. She’s known for making delicious sour dough bread and focaccia.  Mimi shares her thoughts on breading chickens for their meat rather than their eggs, as well as her tips for preserving foods


Our cook segment finds Jill in the kitchen with one of our regulars, the ever-inspiring self-nourishment coach Jeanette Bronee. Jeannette and Jill make summer popsicles using watermelon, beets, and berries. Let’s be real here, homemade popsicles are as fun to eat as they are easy to make! Plus,  homemade ones tend to be much more nutritious than the ones sold in the supermarket. They’re also perfect for some of the hot weather we’ve been having! Jeannette also makes an inspired suggestion, to make cold soups into popsicles and serving them as a starter at a dinner party! So fun! As many of you know Jill is a specialist in Chinese medicine and explains how beets are seen to have considerable healing powers. They nourish the blood and help to promote circulation. They’re particularly good for the liver, as well! Bring on the beets!

Finally, for the heal section of this week’s show, Jill hops on the phone with Helen McCormick who’s in Ireland. Helen is the CEO of a company called Flourish Partners who have developed a new test for Lyme disease. We’ve spoken on GCH before about Lyme Disease,s specifically, how often people are misdiagnosed. Jill and Helen are also joined by Lyme disease patient Linda Ousbourne who talks about her own struggle with Lyme and how being misdiagnosed meant that she didn’t get the treatment she needed early enough. Linda becomes the third person to have come on GCH and whose condition had not been recognized early enough. There is clearly a need for new testing and on this week’s show Jill and Helen talk about what is being done to remedy the situation.

YinOva’s founder, Jill Blakeway, hosts a weekly radio show for CBS Radio called Grow Cook Heal. You can subscribe and listen to the whole series as a podcast on iTunes.

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