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Focus On Cancer: Nausea during treatment

Nausea and loss of appetite can be common side effects of some cancer treatments and while medications to prevent or treat nausea are often combined with chemotherapy drugs, many patients still experience symptoms.  For the “foodies” and our patients who experience much pleasure from eating, this can be an especially difficult side effect as they no longer take pleasure in nourishing their bodies.  However, managing nausea and loss of appetite for any patient is crucial during cancer treatment in order to maintain energy levels and prevent rapid weight loss, which can complicate treatment.

nauseous woman

Reducing nausea and returning appetite and joy in eating not only improves treatment outcomes, but also increases energy levels and bolsters the spirits.  The safety and efficacy of acupuncture as a way to manage nausea and loss of appetite during cancer treatments has been documented in several evidence-based studies recently. The support doesn’t stop there though.  Other side effects such as fatigue, hot flashes, diarrhea and constipation, peripheral neuropathy and mouth sores can also be effectively managed with acupuncture.  Patients also find that coming in for weekly acupuncture sessions while they are undergoing cancer treatments helps them sleep better, reduces anxiety and depression, and offers another level of support during their cancer journey.

For over a decade, the acupuncturists at the Yinova Center have been supporting cancer patients through their treatments. All of our practitioners have specialized training in cancer supportive care. Many are also certified by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, offering comprehensive and professional support through the rigors of treatment. To learn more about how we can help you or someone you know, contact our front desk at 212.533.2255 or

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