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Cook For Your Life

Jill has dedicated the entirety of this episode of GCH to looking at how cancer patients can get the best support alongside their treatment. She spoke with Anne Ogden, a two-time cancer survivor and creator Cook For Your Life, a non-profit organization that teaches people how to cook healthy and nourishing meals for those who have been touched by cancer. Jill then talks to Dr. Misha Cohen, a Chinese medicine practitioner who has been treating cancer patients for over forty years, about how Chinese medicine can be used to help patients both during and after treatment.

Anne Ogden knows firsthand what it is like to go through chemotherapy and to battle cancer. you’re whole body struggles to cope and your relationship to food changes drastically. Things don’t taste the same, you run out of energy to even what to eat, and you become nauseous very easily. That’s why Anne created Cook For Your Life an organization that teaches cancer patients how to cook healthy nourishing food that will help battle the side effects of their treatments, right here in NYC. In this episode Anne shows Jill one of her recipes.

Dr. Misha Cohen, a fellow acupuncturist who has been working with cancer patients for 40 years, discusses with Jill  how Chinese medicine can be used to help support those going through Chemotherapy, and those who are recovering from cancer.


Yinova’s founder, Jill Blakeway, hosted a weekly radio show for CBS Radio called Grow Cook Heal. You can subscribe and listen to the whole series as a podcast on iTunes.

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