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Chinese Medicine is Energy Medicine

Did you know that acupuncture is one of the most ancient forms of energy medicine? Or that acupuncturists are the only licensed energy workers in the US? Did you know that we choose the herbs we put in your prescription not simply for their chemical constituents but also for their energetic qualities? Or that Chinese medicine practitioners talk about food in energetic terms and prescribe foods to help you achieve balance?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest and most enduring examples of energy medicine in the world—a fact that I sometimes wonder if I take for granted.

About 95% of my patients at Yinova know that TCM affects the energetic components of the mind, body, and soul along electrical meridians that ultimately improve their health. Yet I also see a handful of patients who aren’t sure what to make of it. Maybe they heard TCM was a credible health alternative that could help when their doctors disappoint or think of it as a mysterious medical practice from a far-off land. I remember a patient who saw me for fibroids because her Western obstetrician suggested, “Try acupuncture and herbs. 2,500 years of another country’s medicine can’t be wrong.”

But TCM is hardly hocus pocus and so much more than a borrowed ancient tradition. It is a solid and credible form of energy therapy. In fact, acupuncturists are the only energy workers that are licensed as medical professionals in the US—which is crucial for accountability, authority, and our patients’ wellbeing. I use needles, hands-on healing, herbal medicine, and dietary advice to restore and regulate what Chinese medicine refers to as Qi—the life force energy within every one of us, as well as the universe. All the techniques I use to affect Qi allows our bodies to heal and thrive by correcting imbalances in the patient’s body and energy field. Our energy fields hold the body’s ability to reach a healthy sense of balance, or what’s known as “homeostasis.”

At the Yinova Center, we also offer various types of energy medicine beyond TCM, including massage, nutritional therapy, and even the occasional sessions with a medical medium. Throughout my career, I’ve travelled far and wide to meet with healers, academics, doctors, scientists, and researchers on the cutting edge of energy medicine to understand how to use my own healing Qi on patients and bring the best of what I discover to my practice. I help my patients understand the best therapies for them—regardless of whether we offer them in our clinic—so that you can heal and thrive.

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