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Can Klara overcome her coffee habit?

In anticipation of the Yinova Cleanse, many on our staff are seeking to overcome and  break-free of their coffee habits. For some coffee is purely about the caffeine, for others it’s about the ritual, the aroma and the taste. But, regardless of why you love coffee, overcoming the addiction is challenging to say the least! Today, I spoke with Klara about her apprehension surrounding the cleanse, primarily because it means giving up coffee!

ML: So I’ve been hearing lots of grunts from many of you regarding your coffee habit and its conflict with the cleanse. Why is it that you are so nervous about giving up coffee? What is it about coffee that you love so much?

KK: For me the love for coffee comes from the pleasing sensory experience of it. I find the aroma of coffee to be warm and soothing, and I adore the bitter smoky taste. Just thinking about not having it for a month makes me miss it already!

ML: Do you have it throughout the day or just in the morning?

KK: Coffee has become an integral part of my morning ritual, one that started out of enjoyment but unfortunately now has become habit. I feel like I’ve gotten to a place of needing it to start my day, and I know that’s unhealthy. Withdrawal from coffee is difficult, and I’ve never been a morning person so thats why I’m nervous about having to give it up! This cleanse will be a good opportunity for me to take a break and reset my morning ritual. Yikes!

ML: The cleanse will be a perfect opportunity for you to reboot your body and rebalance your system. Who wants to be addicted to any one food or drink? You know there are lots of great coffee alternatives out there like Cafix, which I make every morning and I must say, I don’t miss the coffee at all. I also use Teeccino which comes in “teabags,” making it super simple to brew. I haven’t tried Kaffree Roma or Pero which I hear are suitable alternatives as well. And I totally want to try the one that Jill mentioned, the one that’s made with Cordyceps, which should give a great, natural energy boost. Will you try one of these alternatives or totally forego the “coffeeness” and try a tea?

KK: I’ve taken a break from coffee in the past and made the switch to Earl Grey tea, with which a little splash of almond milk was a nice substitution. Back then I didn’t know there were all these healthy coffee alternatives outside of black teas, so I’m really excited to experiment with them. It would be so wonderful to have something that retains the coffeeness! My plan is not to revert back to daily coffee use once the cleanse is over so I’m eager to find good healthy substitutions for both the pleasing experience and the energy boost.

ML: Speaking of energy boost, what are your thoughts on Yerba Mate, it has some caffeine but it’s said to be even healthier than green tea!?

KK: I have tried Yerba Mate and it’s a very strong smoky flavor that I wasn’t so drawn to. There are great health benefits from the many nutrients it contains and I think it’s worth trying. I guess for me the enjoyment factor is #1 .

ML I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the alternative options!

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