Yoga has been guiding students towards a higher quality of living for thousands of years. When practiced mindfully, yoga will strengthen one’s body, mind and spirit. Similar to Tradition Chinese Medicine philosophy, yoga strives to help students achieve balance and ownership of their health.

A regular yoga practice can improve mood, combat stress, relieve muscular pain and balance hormones. The Yinova Center is knowledgeable in using Yoga to address women’s reproductive health, working with clients in developing a practice that can enhance fertility, support pregnancy or help the body recover post partum.

Yinova yoga instructor Kelsey Tangel leads private sessions here at the center. Weaving personalized yoga sequences, with yogic philosophy and meditation techniques, students are provided with a practice that satisfies their individual needs. Kelsey specializes in prenatal yoga and is a Master’s student of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is knowledgeable in women’s reproductive health and is experienced working with women undergoing assisted reproductive technology.

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Schedule your appointment online or email us

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