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At The YinOva Center we encourage you to eat a diet that includes fresh, seasonal foods that are organic if possible. Make sure that you get enough protein and eat a broad range of vegetables especially leafy greens, orange vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables. Make sure that you are adequately hydrated and don’t forget to eat some fat, preferably unsaturated fat. Make your carbohydrates complex, slow-releasing ones rather than sugary processed ones. Go easy on the alcohol and caffeine. 

We’ll help you modify your diet so that you’re in the best possible shape to conceive. Based on Jill‘s book Making Babies, we’ll help you find your fertility type and follow the specific diet she designed for your diagnosis. 

Our YinOva nutritionist, Carlin Greenstein is skilled at helping couples who are trying to conceive follow a fertility friendly diet. You can read some of her blog articles here.
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