Your Fertility Guide: The Waterlogged Type

The Waterlogged Type

The Waterlogged Type

A Chinese Medicine Perspective

From a Chinese medicine perspective, we refer to this type as “phlegm damp,” where the body produces excess fluids & mucus. It is common to experience swelling, inflammation & painful joints. Stagnant fluids lead to poor transitions, including the many tricky hormone shifts involved in the menstrual cycle, conception, & implantation. This stagnation can also cause thick semen which can lower sperm motility rates. This type might have excessive vaginal discharge or cervical inflammation & may be prone to reproductive system obstructions.

Conditions commonly associated with this type:

Chronic Yeast Infections

Yeast overgrowth is usually a result of an imbalance between beneficial bacteria and candida (yeast) in the vagina. It can cause itching, redness, and discharge (often white, curd-like, or yellow) from the vagina. By following a lifestyle that reestablishes a healthy bacteria-yeast relationship, and by balancing your hormones, you can treat and prevent yeast infections naturally.

chronic yeast infections

A metabolic disorder occurs when the normal metabolic process of chemical reactions in the body gets disrupted. This disruption can lead to too much or too little of substances needed to stay healthy. Metabolic disorders can affect the quality of sperm and can also interrupt the regular menstrual cycle.

metabolic disorders


PCOS is the most common anovulatory disorder and the single most common hormonal cause of infertility. Anyone with ovaries can develop PCOS, and in fact, an estimated 10% of women have been diagnosed with this disorder. In PCOS, a hormonal dysfunction results in the ovaries not being able to fully mature an egg. Follicles begin to develop and build up fluid, but do not progress to the point where they release an egg. As a result, ovulation is either absent or intermittent. Because of this, some of the semi-developed follicles turn into little fluid-filled sacs known as cysts. Without the progesterone that matured follicles would make, menstruation is irregular or perhaps stops altogether. On top of that, the cysts make androgens (masculinizing hormones, although they exist in all people in different proportions), which can prevent ovulation. It can be a vicious cycle.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is an infection of the female reproductive organs. It is a common cause of embryo implantation problems in people trying to conceive and if left untreated, it can damage the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes Studies show acupuncture and moxa are effective in treating chronic PID. We use acupuncture to reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the pelvis; we combine this with Chinese herbs that have strong antimicrobial properties.


Our Advice

Here is some advice on steps you can take to improve your fertility and help optimize your chances of conceiving. Click through the list below to learn more about each of these steps and how they can help.

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The Waterlogged Type: Yinova's Herbal Blend

This herbal blend is designed to treat Waterlogged Types who have have a combination of symptoms including fatigue, estrogen dominance, insulin sensitivity, high androgen levels, irregular cycles, or ovarian cysts. This formula is particularily effective for people with PCOS.

Based on formulas we've used to treat 1000's of patients with measurable results, our 20+ years of experience in fertility enhancement is reflected in this herbal blend.
This herbal blend has been carefully crafted using whole herbs to ensure the potency & consistency of their active ingredients.
We source carefully from growers & manufacturers we trust to supply us with herbs that are pure, effective & free from contamination & pollutants.
These ingredients boost energy, regulate androgens, & address insulin resistance. They also support digestion & fluid metabolism.
The Waterlogged Type
If you suffer from a sensitivity to sugar and inflammation and have irregular or anovulatory cycles, this is the formula for you.
More Support
We offer consultations, both virtually & in-clinic, where we can gather more information, provide specifically tailored herbs & a custom fertility plan.
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Vitamins & Tools to Support You

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Fertility Coaching & Support Groups

Together we can help you enhance your fertility, based on the Making Babies program designed by Jill Blakeway, where each week will have a specific theme geared towards troubleshooting common fertility issues. Our aim is to share information, help you understand your fertility situation & provide a community of like-minded people to lean on.

Making Babies: The Book

Jill Blakeway (& co-author Sami David, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist) draw on the best of both Eastern & Western medicine. By identifying your “fertility type,” inspired by the classical patterns of Chinese Medicine, you can focus on helpful strategies for your particular situation & avoid the things that may be causing you problems.

The Book
A proven 3-month program designed to help people get the best of Eastern & Western medicine to enhance fertility & increase chances of conception.
What's Inside
Information about conventional medicine & explanations of how Chinese medicine can boost fertility, based on your fertility type.
Learn More
Explore our fertility resources page & our blog archive for fertility advice from Jill & the team & join us for events where we dive deeper.
The Author
Yinova Founder Dr. Blakeway is a fertility expert. She continues to see patients at Yinova where she also trains & advises our clinical team.
Enhancing fertility is a Yinova specialty: our team are fertility experts who have been trained in delivering the Making Babies program.
Also from Jill
Jill has also written two other books, Energy Medicine & Sex Again, & was the host of the popular CBS podcast Grow, Cook, Heal.
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